The Toy Man

This stuffed toy seller passes by our house often, shouting out his wares. I always rush to my balcony to see what he is carrying. Pink and blue and red and purple and yellow and green teddy bears, and tortoises, are the usual suspects. I cannot resist but stare at him all the way till he disappears at the end of our lane.

The vendor made his rounds again a few days ago, bringing to me a lot of new thoughts.

Before long, Bubboo will be fascinated by these toys. When I can’t help but be tempted by these bright colours, how will she? It won’t be long before the vendor realises that there is a little girl on his way, who would want to buy his toys. What am I going to do when Bubboo will want to buy all the toys at, say, a mall that we visit? Heck, how will I myself resist all the cuteness of the toys that you get these days at malls?

These soft toys are, apparently, cheaper than the ones that you get in fancy stores, and buying them would mean supporting a local artist. But then, how far would they be safe for a kid to play with? This is not to mean that the toys available in big stores have no risk associated with them, but still?

Thinking a lot ahead, I am. For now, I will just continue to rush to my balcony to watch the toy man make his rounds, admire the colours, and take pictures.

How would you guys deal with this situation? With these questions?

9 thoughts on “The Toy Man

  1. 1. Once they are in a toy shop, they are always going to want to buy stuff. The best thing I have found is to talk to them before hand and let them know that they can only pick one thing up. If it is a mall, I usually tell my son very firmly that he has enough stuff at home. Since we have always kept things for him in perspective by telling him how many things he has, he is ok with it. Touch wood 😉
    2. You can buy one or two, but I would recommend you first wash it in some luke warm soapy water before giving it to the princess. Yes, these are more harmful in that the dyes may not be natural. You also want to buy teddys that do not shed (ie. that are not very furry) as the small fibres can get into her mouth. So all those shaggy things can be bought later, from what I am seeing in this picture, these do not seem too shaggy. So, go ahead and indulge yourself and the princess, just wash them and dry them on a line before you give them to her royal highness.:)


  2. I worry about that too, quality of toys. Toys can so easily harm a child. I guess buying one just for display could work.
    Every time I read you, I love your enthusiasm, the child within you. Makes me feel so jaded 🙂


    1. @Smitha

      I am jaded too, in a lot of ways. I am trying to awaken the little girl within me, with Bubboo. 🙂 You could start now too – it is never too late for that!

      Toys can so easily cause harm, I totally understand that.


  3. You can buy one or two, and keep them in a cupboard.. Your helping him in the process, and for the moment, you can give Babboo something to engage her to see, especially while playing with her and until Babboo becomes big enough to want a toy of her own, you could have done a personal assessment of its quality, and if indeed you feel it isn’t safe enough, you can always donate the toy to child under previliged, who might cherish it and bless you and Babboo for your kind deeds..


    1. @Es Chris

      Thank you so much for the suggestion. 🙂 Sounds good, except for the donation part. If I find that the quality of the toy isn’t great, I wouldn’t want to give it to any child. I wouldn’t want any child to come to any harm due to something I bought for them, the same as I would want for my daughter.


      1. I understand what you say. Your child would be blessed to get another toy, but the child that may have got this toy may not necessarily get another one. Even if it is of inferior quality, as long as it isn’t toxic or something, I think you should donate.

        Many of us who can afford to give our children a better quality of life, may not even have had the luxury of toys or toys of substandard to play with, in our childhood. So, i think it isn’t too bad, actually.


      2. @Es Chris

        As long as it isn’t toxic or something. That’s the key point. That is exactly what I meant.

        I so get what you mean. Thanks for taking the time to explain your viewpoint.


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