Madame Bubboo has been turning this way and that lately, lifting her regal head and surveying all of us. After a few minutes of this, though, loud cries begin. At this point, I have to go and rescue her from whatever predicament she has got herself into – an arm caught under her body or her legs tangled up in the bed sheet, usually.

I love watching Bubboo the few minutes she is lying on her tummy peacefully, her legs lifted up just so. Bubboo reminds me of the little girl I once was, in a lot of ways, one of them being this particular posture of hers. This was exactly the way I used to enjoy reading as a kiddo. This was the position I would adopt as I delved into fantasy worlds of fairies and pixies and gnomes and elves, for hours at a time – lying on my tummy peacefully, legs lifted up just so.


This is my fifth (and final) post for the FPFS (Five Photos, Five Stories) Challenge.

FPFS challenge requires me to post a photo each day for 5 consecutive days and attach a post to it. It may be a fiction or non-fiction piece, a poem or simply a short paragraph. Next, each day I have to nominate one fellow blogger to carry on this challenge. The person nominated further can either accept it and continue the challenge or reject it – it is entirely his/her choice.

Have you read my first, second, third and fourth posts for the Challenge, yet?


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