Of Babies And Glasses

So, the little terror at home has started grabbing at my spectacles now. She has done it a few times till date and, soon enough, I am sure, she will reach out to grab them every time I go near her. Spectacles have that effect on kids, I know from experience.

It might be time for me to invest in a pair of contact lenses, something I have never considered after the one (vanity-filled) year or so I wore them while in college. My lazy self realised that they were too much work, the glasses kind of suited me and hid the elephantine wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes that have been a part of my face most of my adult life. But then, that is a story for another day.

For now, maybe, my daughter will force me to shake off the laziness, get contacts, and to watch how the cosmetic change will affect my look, after years of having worn glasses. Time will tell.


23 thoughts on “Of Babies And Glasses

  1. Even better, get corrective surgery done. I used to wear glasses and babies used to just look at me and go straight for the glasses. 3 years back, I got the corrective surgery done and now they go for my earrings πŸ˜›


  2. Contact lenses may be worse with the little one, they tend to punch you on the eyes once those arms start twirling around. πŸ™‚
    My advice, keep a pair of old glasses that you don’t mind breaking now and then and the good pair for work and outings.


    1. @Scribby

      Why not? Just curious. And looking at the way things are going now, it is going to be very difficult to handle Bubboo in the times to come, with glasses on!

      Yes, she is growing up all right!


      1. just that I’ve been very sceptic about using any external stuff for the body.. you know what I mean? of course to each his own and yes lenses are something which are very commonly used …pls ignore me, i’m just blabbering maybe? πŸ™‚


      2. @Scribby

        He he, of course you can express your opinion here, and it doesn’t have to match mine! πŸ™‚

        I remember an ophthalmologist once telling me that lenses are, in fact, better than spectacles in certain cases, for certain people. It gives better vision and clarity because you get power nearer to the eyeball as compared to spectacles. Also, modern soft lenses hardly feel like a foreign body inside the eye. Of course, there are some people whose eyes are not suited to wearing lenses.


  3. Aww! I can just imagine her grabbing your glasses πŸ™‚

    I can’t do lenses. The thought of poking something into my eye, gives me the shudders πŸ™‚


    1. @Smitha

      Semi-soft lenses feel like a foreign body inside your eye, but soft lenses are quite comfortable. For many people, they feel like a natural part of the eye and they tend to forget that they have inserted a lens at all!


  4. I could never wear lenses. The thought of putting something inside my eye weirded me out. On the contrary I wear thick rimmed glasses. One day my 10 year old cousin told me that it was the in thing to do .. Phew!!


  5. I have to agree kids do have a thing for specs 😊
    The best thing about parenting is, our children push us to step out of our comfort zone and do things we’ve been putting off for forever. On most occasions it is actually a happy change πŸ˜€


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