When Amma Turns Stylist

Dearest darling Bubboo,

This mother of yours sometimes forgets that you are a little baby and not a doll. She gets extremely engrossed in dressing you up, choosing dresses for you for the morning and evening, matching and mixing colours and styles. Of course, she does bother to ensure that you are comfortable, well-fed and -rested before doing so, but you might have gotten irritated with her at some point or the other.

The thing is, she has waited so long for a girl – a girl to dress up in all the colours of the world. She does go overboard, a bit, at times, but she has your best interests at heart, always. She wants you to look adorable, to get to know what suits you and what not. Pardon her, grin and bear it, and love her for doing what she does. That’s all she wants.



PS: Amma can’t wait for you to grow up a bit more, so that she can put all those fancy shoes that squeak, pretty hairbands and hair clips on you. 🙂


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