Of Blah-ness, An Anniversary, A Birthday, Books, And Bubboo

Life has been quite blah for some time now. There hasn’t been anything exciting happening, except for Bubboo’s smiles and chatter. I am not complaining – I love being Bubboo’s mother – but sometimes it feels as if my days are revolving only around the changing of nappies and dresses and wiping up spit and changing diapers. I try to go for a 20-minute walk once a day, but on some days, even that is not possible. I try to whip up quick meals in the kitchen whenever I can. Any other free time is spent in reading or taking a long shower. Everything seems very blah, though. I am busy, yet not busy. I don’t really seem to have anything to do. It feels as if it has been ages since I went out leisurely with the OH, ate out, explored the city, or just talked to him without time constraints. The fact that the OH has been super busy at work hasn’t helped one bit.

To top it, Bubboo has been sick. She is recovering from a bad cold and cough, and has been extremely cranky. Children’s illnesses take a toll on their parents, especially when they are too young to articulate their aches and pains, and this illness has taken its toll on us, too. I seem to have caught the bug as well, and a sore throat and running nose have made me feel even blah-er lately.

Our anniversary came and went in January. The OH was flying to Delhi the very same day, and we didn’t get the opportunity to do anything special. The same was the case with my birthday last week. Plans for a relaxed lunch or dinner outside didn’t work out, and the day just went by routinely.

The last weekend saw me splurging on some books, mostly new authors, some interesting titles that piqued my curiosity. I ended up buying a few pre-loved books on a lark, without reading any sort of reviews about them. Then, the OH’s late anniversary-cum-birthday gift arrived, as a surprise – another lot of books from my TBR list – which I had been hunting for since forever. He knew the names and had asked his cousin in the US of A to get them for me. She landed in India over the weekend, and I was surprised to be handed a bag full of books!

In the midst of all the blah-ness, such little things have been the bright spots in life, for sure.

I now have a whole lot of interesting-looking stuff to look forward to reading.

Here’s hoping these lovelies help me ward off the feeling of blah-ness soon…


29 thoughts on “Of Blah-ness, An Anniversary, A Birthday, Books, And Bubboo

  1. Hey! It’s been quite a while… 😀
    In the same boat sweetie… My 1yo is constantly keeping me on my toes too and I have no time for anything however hard I try. Atleast Amma’s near you. 😌
    Praying for a speedy recovery… Kisses to the lil’ angel 😊


  2. Busy yet not busy is something that i can totally relate to. 🙂 For some reason, even if we don’t get enough time to read all the books we buy, one look at them just fills us with happiness. I had a smile and a strange happiness when i saw those photos of yours. Some authors like Marian keyes, Anna donovan & Brian O’reilly ring a bell and some names and covers like the French life, sound enticing. Thank you for all that. 🙂
    I wish you fall back into normalcy soon and find some time for all those things that you want to do.


    1. @Suko

      I do get a chance to read when I’m not busy with the baby. That has never been an issue. The thing is – I’m missing the other small things I used to do earlier, like spending relaxed time with the husband, going out, eating out or just exploring the city.


  3. I had been there, I used to feel irritated at many times because of having no where to go, having no personal time and all. But once A grew up a little, we used to skip her afternoon nap at times, put her to sleep early in the nights, get dinner from outside and watch movies at home. And as A kept growing, my personal time kept growing 🙂 So you r gonna have time for yourself soon 🙂

    And Belated Birthday and Anniversary wishes 🙂

    Happy Reading all those stuff 🙂


  4. Hi TGND

    I remember having the same feeling. I would ache to go out for 5 minutes. My showers were reduced to 2 mins. Its really good you are able to read and continue with your interests somewhat. The first year, babies are so delicate that any amount of time spent with them is less.


    1. @Nidhi

      I had asked for The Lost Ravioli Recipes Of Hoboken at your recommendation only. 🙂

      I have already written about my experience with French Milk in my last post. Will surely write about the other books too, as and when I finish them.


  5. Oh and belated anniversary and birthday wishes…never too late for a belated celebration and cake, even if dinner out doesn’t happen. My happiest memories of the first year of baby and a full house of relatives, are cozy couch times with the husband and sinful dessert, with the rest of the house fast asleep.


    1. @Popgoesthebiscuit

      Oh, I don’t mind a non-celebration at all, really. I think I conveyed the wrong impression in my post. What I meant is that birthdays and anniversaries are special days, and I would like a little something to mark the day as special, as different from the rest – however little a thing that might be. That hasn’t been happening. I would love cozy times on the couch too, but I am out like a light by the time the OH comes to bed these days. He leaves for work as soon as I get up in the mornings. Phone calls, chats, messages and e-mails too are limited. I think I have been missing the quiet times I used to have earlier with the OH, that’s about it.

      Thanks for the wishes! 🙂


      1. So i can relate totally to the blahness. With the baby around, she becomes your first priority, and while some mothers love that, and i didn’t mind it, i did feel really bored and mind numb sometimes. So yes, i read too, but as you said, i missed the time with the husband and in reality i missed my own life, since i think everything revolved around the baby.


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