Just Read

Bet Your Bottom Dollar – Karin Gillespie

Elizabeth, Mavis and Attalee are three friends who run the show at The Bottom Dollar Emporium in Cayboo Creek, South Carolina. The emporium’s future – and that of the three friends, too – is threatened when a new, fancy dollar store opens up in town. Bet Your Bottom Dollar is about Elizabeth’s attempts to save the emporium, and a lot about the happenings in her personal life as well.

The premise of the book is cute, yes. The book is full of Southern charm, yes. I was disappointed, though. The storyline is extremely dramatic, very Bollywood-ish, and highly predictable. I felt like I was reading the script of a typical commercial Hindi movie.

I am not sure if I will read the other books in the Bottom Dollar series, either.

Francesca’s Kitchen – Peter Pezzelli

A typical Italian grandmother, Francesca is feeling at a loose end. Her children have grown up and left home, and she no longer feels needed. She is the kind of person who needs to be needed by someone. When she sees single mother Loretta’s advertisement for a part-time nanny for her two kids, Francesca applies for the job, going against the advice of her friends. What happens after Francesca starts caring for Will and Penny, Loretta’s two children, makes up the story of Francesca’s Kitchen.

I picked up the book because the storyline sounded rather cute (something I always end up doing!), but was utterly disappointed. Will and Adam are cute, Francesca is overbearing but loveable, and fiercely independent Loretta is sweet, and the descriptions of the food that Francesca cooks are gorgeous, but the story is oh-so-predictable. In fact, it felt like watching a popular Hindi movie, again. The book underwhelmed me.

The other books by the author have charming premises, too. I am definitely curious to pick them up.


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