Teenage Revisited

When I was a teenager, I used to love ankle-length socks. I used to think they were classy and extremely stylish, but I never had any. My parents’ idea of socks were the white ones that came with the school uniform, long, stretchy ones that came to an end just below the knee. I wasn’t really a sock lover, and am not one even now – I am more of a barefoot kind of person. And then, being the fat, pimply, bespectacled teenager that I was, I was not supremely confident of my abilities to carry off something so beautiful. So it happened that I never got a chance to wear these socks.

On his recent work trip to the US of A, my brother-in-law picked up a few pairs of ankle-length socks for me, with bright colours and bold patterns. ‘I didn’t know what to get for you, so I got these,’ he told me sheepishly. I couldn’t have been more elated. The socks were worn immediately, and admired. Gone is the surly teenager – this woman now loves bold colours and doesn’t mind wearing the socks. I just love the spot of colour that they add to my life. I still feel these socks look chic.

Now, the socks get worn even when the day is not so chilly, just for the fun of it. Often, mother and daughter are seen sporting similar socks and relaxing, lying side by side.



16 thoughts on “Teenage Revisited

  1. Ankle length socks make me feel like some of it is missing. I don’t know why the weird feeling is there for me. But I do love the bold colors and patterns πŸ˜€ I’d wear them just for that πŸ™‚


  2. Our school required us to “pull our socks up” literally. Of course, being teenagers, we would roll our socks down, or when told off by the prefects, fold our long socks in at the toes so they became ankle length. I was a prefect (so I had to conform and was expected to make others’ do so) and remember our class teacher moaning to me about how “ankle length socks make our girls’ legs look fat”. Seriously. This in response to me telling her that maybe we should just chill on the obsession with socks length and the socks will miraculously lengthen themselves.


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