So, my little girl got inked for the first time yesterday – she got her first polio vaccine.

Bas do boond zindagi ki, and it was over before she realised it. I wish all vaccinations were this simple. If only.


14 thoughts on “Inked

  1. Oh they get inked for polio drops is it? Interesting.
    The husband can’t bear Bandar getting vaccines but I am surprisingly okay…its for her ultimate good, right. And now that she is two, she is actually very calm about shots. She knows about it and understands it will hurt a bit, sits on my lap, closes her eyes and then lets out a very small cry. Is super excited to get her lollipop from the nurse at the end. She is also very proud of her little bandaid post shot and doesn’t take it off for days and days! So it does get easier as they grow.


  2. Awwww ..I know wish all vaccination were that simple.. reminds me I had to get my jab the other week at work and oh boy it hurtssssssssssss. .

    God bless the little one.. lots of love and hugs her way..


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