In Search Of That Elusive Smile

I have been yearning for Bubboo to give me a wide, toothless smile, looking at my face. I have been trying hard to get that out of her, but it doesn’t happen often. When it does, it is only a half-hearted smile. I mean she does smile quite a bit, but it is usually not directed at people.

Yesterday, a relative of our house help dropped by to do the household chores, noticed Bubboo wide awake, and started playing with her. Madame Bubboo turned her head entirely towards the lady, smiled about ten times with her face all alight, and giggled and laughed and talked to her for quite some time. I don’t think I have ever noticed her grinning so much at anyone before, including the OH, me or my Amma, in spite of the three of us doing practically everything for her and staying with her 24/7.

I am amused, yes. I am happy that my child laughed so freely, yes. But then, if you detect a hint of jealousy in my post, you are right, too. Gah!


29 thoughts on “In Search Of That Elusive Smile

  1. Haha…she will soon be laughing and smiling and gurgling at the drop of the hat. So you will get your fill very soon. Fun times. Your posts always make me regret I never documented these phases with Bandar.


  2. Happens… Gudiya would snuggle into our household help’s lap. The help would also happily take her for a stroll in the winter sun. Gudiya would not budge and would cry if we tried to take her in our lap….. I was so jealous then. Now I look back and smile… 🙂


  3. This is such a sweet thing TGND- your yearning for her smile, trying to make her smile and best of all- the jealousy! Here’s hoping you get your first smile and many, many more such smiles and moments from darling Bubboo. Loads of love to the two of you!


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