I sneeze, thanks to a bug and the cold, cold, cold climate in Bangalore.

The OH to Bubboo: Oh, did you think that was a train rushing by? No da. That was just Amma sneezing. Don’t be afraid, OK?


The OH and I manage to get away for a couple of hours for a relaxed lunch outside, after what seems like ages. Before we leave, I kiss Bubboo, cuddle her and bid her goodbye.

My Amma to Bubboo: Amma and Appa are going out for some time, OK? They are leaving you at home. Be a good little girl.


Armies of little black ants have started invading our house lately. The OH sprinkles some pink insect-repellent powder near the walls in the living room to keep them away.

The OH to me: I have put insecticide near the walls, OK? If you drop some food down, like, say, a piece of chocolate, don’t pick it up and eat it, all right?


True conversations. Real-life. Not a word changed.

Who needs enemies when you have family like this, eh?


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