The Latest Addition…

…. to this list of baap-beti conversations is a story about a Jersey cow.

Apparently, Appa has ordered a Jersey cow on Amazon, so that Bubboo can get lots of milk at any time of the day or night. Amazon has dispatched the cow and it is due to arrive any time at a bus station near us. From there on, the cow will be put into a local bus, which will bring it to our doorstep. The plan is to tie up the cow in the parking lot of our apartment and to tie a hammock between its legs, so that Bubboo can lie down comfortably and directly suck in milk from the cow any time.

Every day, on Appa’s return from work, there are questions to Bubboo as to whether the Jersey cow arrived or not. Traffic jams, logistical delays and so on are invented to explain why the cow is not home yet. Payment has been made in full, though, through credit card.

What imagination, I say! I don’t think I stand one bit of a chance in telling such stories. 😦

PS: Why don’t you stop by my photo blog and say hello to the latest addition on Bubboo’s crib?


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