On Goodbyes

When I was newly married, my mother-in-law would urge me to go out of the house, till the front gate, to bid goodbye to the OH every morning as he left for work. ‘I used to send him off every morning so far. Now that you have come, you continue the tradition,’ she would say. My mother-in-law believes that her sons and daughter and daughters-in-law have to face the complexities of the world as soon as they get out of the four secure walls of the home, and so they should be sent off properly every morning. The OH does travel a very long distance for work, too, and hearing his accounts of the things he sees on the way to and from work, I am inclined to agree with my mother-in-law.

Anyway, I used to feel very awkward bidding goodbye to my new husband. We used to live in a ground-floor house then, and the neighbours, sitting around and basking in the sun, would be looking on. I was the new daughter-in-law in the neighbourhood, after all. I would feel extremely embarrassed. Till the day I began feeling that it was an extremely romantic ritual, a beautiful tradition that I should always continue. I began to send the OH off with a huge smile on my face, a cheerful greeting and a wave. He would leave with a smile on his face, too.

I am happy to say we continued this tradition even after the OH and I shifted to our own apartment. Every morning, irrespective of what I would be doing, I would step out onto the balcony of our house when the OH would leave. He would look up from the apartment gate, smile, and we would exchange silent goodbyes. I would smile back and mentally wish him all the very best for the day. I would feel like something was missing on the rare days I could not follow this ritual.

After Bubboo’s birth, the balcony goodbyes have been dwindling. I am either feeding Bubboo or changing her when the OH leaves or she is crying her heart out then. Otherwise, it is way too cold to bring her out to the balcony. We have taken to saying our goodbyes in the house itself, with the OH planting kisses on Bubboo’s and my forehead before he leaves. On most days, Bubboo’s kiss is followed by a lot of cooing and more kisses and cuddles, till the OH realises that he is going to be marked absent at work if he doesn’t leave immediately. Then follows a mad dash on his part, and I tell him to drive carefully.

I am eager to see the day when Bubboo will wave her Papa off to work from the balcony of our house, with me looking on. Or will she cry and refuse to let him go?

18 thoughts on “On Goodbyes

  1. It is indeed a romantic tradition! Actually, we follow this at home too. Every morning as appa leaves, it is my duty to pick a matching tie for him. And, I carry his coat all the way to the elevator and say bye, bye to which he always replies, ‘Dont be naughty mm’.

    Typing this made me realise how much I ll miss this tradition of ours once I move out!


  2. My my, I am very late to the celebrations no. I just went through a backlog of unread posts in your blog and so so so glad to hear the happy happy news.

    Many many many congratulations TGND πŸ™‚ Bubboo is such a cutie pie!

    Happy mommyhood !!

    oh wait a bit more πŸ™‚ She wont come inside the house unless OH gives a ride πŸ˜€


  3. Awww what a lovely tradition. I agree the goodbye starts the whole day. When I would leave for work or my husband it is our ritual to hug goodbye, almost like a prayer for saftey. My daughter loves the goodbye because of the predictability, she loves ritual.


  4. That’s a lovely ritual…try to resume it asap..with Bubboo

    My mom used to always do this….even when we moved out of hometown for jobs/marriage, she used to accompany us till railway station.. e.v.e.r.y time….


  5. Awwie… this is so sweet..
    This is a ritual we follow too! Mom, my kiddo brother and me were so used to this that now that I am reading this, I realize the importance …
    Memories reloaded!


  6. Few years back , there was a family opposite to my house with a 1.5 year old kid. Everyday when his father leaves he will cling on to his legs, refuse to let go. His father will take him a round on his bike and then only the little one will be satisfied. The highlight is the proud look and happiness on the father’s face, every single day!He used to enjoy this morning “goodbye” as much as the kiddo.

    Myself and B are waiting for that phase when volt will demand “a trip” in his bike before he leaves for office. πŸ˜€


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