Delivery Ke After Effects

Post delivery, some things have been happening regularly.

Some 10 people ask me about the state of my breasts and whether I am lactating enough, almost every day.

At least five people ask me why I am walking when I try to get out of my house for a breather.

Even if I step out onto my balcony for a few minutes, there are at least three neighbours asking me why I am standing in the cold wind.

My house help asks me every day why I don’t have a cloth tightly tied around my stomach or a scarf around my head.

Every day, at least five people advise me on how I should be sitting and standing and lying down.

There are at least five other people who inquire after the kind of diet I am on, every day.

The problem with these recommendations is that most of them are conflicting with each other. Some are delivered with an ‘You evil mommy, you! You don’t do what is best for your baby!’ look.

Dealing with all of this is more difficult than it was dealing with the pregnancy and the delivery. 🙂 In the midst of this madness, I am trying my best to go with my gut feeling and to do what feels right to me.

One good thing that has happened from all these suggestions and advice is that I have discovered ‘Antu Unde‘, a Kannadiga delicacy that is, apparently, a must in the diet of new mothers.

This is one bit of advice I haven’t minded receiving, for the laddoos are extremely delicious.

If you are a new mother yourself, please do get yourself some of these unde. Well, get some even if you aren’t a new mother. They are lovely!

17 thoughts on “Delivery Ke After Effects

  1. In my case ppl are have border-line disbelief looking at my kids and myself. I am hopelessly underweight and my kids are cute n chubby…

    I was with my parents for both deliveries and we have a very diff regime post-delivery consisting mostly of Ayurvedic medicines and massages. And then they are followed by mutton soup for 2 weeks. I am not much into sweets so dont think I can manage to eat even one of these undes.


  2. Congrats!. Welcome to the world of parenthood. Its been a year for me, and has been a roller coaster ride, fun at most times :).

    And Antina unde tastes nice, I have flicked many from my cousin sisters and my wife 🙂


  3. This is a standard part of the diet for new moms up North as well. Though I assume they don’t use coconut. Haven’t tasted it but it’s supposed to be extremely yum.


  4. 🙂 Welcome to the world of free advice

    And untin unde are yummy!!

    P.S Have been lurking around for some time now, and I love your blog


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