Taking After Her Father

The other day, I had put Buboo on the diwan in our living room while I was working on the computer in the same room. Appa was watching TV. I finished sending off a few e-mails before I realised that there hadn’t been any sound at all from her in all that while. That doesn’t usually happen.

I got up to check on Bubboo, smelling something fishy. Madam had turned her head completely towards the TV and was busy watching. That explained the lack of sound from her for so long.

My attempts at putting a pillow in between her and the TV were rewarded with crying fits, so I gave up.

I hardly watch the idiot box at all, and here was this girl watching away to glory!

Ever since Bubboo was born, people have been telling us she looks exactly like me, and not one bit like her father. The OH is pretty happy that in TV watching at least, there is the possibility that she will take after him.

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