Baap-Beti Times

Some of the OH’s conversations with Bubboo, after getting home from work:

You know what, your Amma wanted to go out to have pizza. She said she was bored out of her mind, and wanted to do something fun, but I stopped her. I told her we cannot leave Bubboo at home.

I am going to sell our car and buy a cow. I will tie the cow in the parking lot of our apartment, so that you get a lot of milk.

I am going to give all your milk to the neighbourhood cat, if you do not drink it fast.

Amma is checking her Whatsapp messages. First, she will check whether there are any messages from her friends. Then, she will check her mail. Then, she will glance at the book she was reading last night. She will feed you only after that, so you have to wait, alright?

What complaints did your Amma have against you today?

See, this is Amma’s bookshelf. I’ll read out the book titles to you.

Amma is reading a book, so let’s not disturb her, ok? She is reading so she can tell you a lot of stories later.

I am going to take you to office with me one day, you know?

Bubboo’s response to all of this is a wide-eyed stare at her Appa. Why do I get the feeling that this baap-beti duo is soon going to gang up against me?



17 thoughts on “Baap-Beti Times

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  2. Super cute!! Soon she will be cooing and gurgling a few short months. So funny how you forget these stages, even when it happened just a short while ago. Wish I had blogged regularly when my baby was well, a baby!


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