Her Highness And Her Antics

What do we do when Amma puts her feet up and leisurely begins sipping at her cup of tea?

We grab our hair in fistfuls. Of course, we don’t know how to let go of it later. Then, we have to cry. Slowly at first, then louder, louder, louder, till Amma comes and releases us. πŸ™‚

What can we do if her tea goes stone cold in the meanwhile?


21 thoughts on “Her Highness And Her Antics

  1. She has loads of hair πŸ™‚ wow… You can style in so many ways once she grows up a bit. Bunny used to do kinda same, but not enough to cry, couldn’t make him wear any caps though he used to pull them down as well blocking his nose at times.


    1. @Onehonestwriter

      Oh, I am waiting to style it. πŸ™‚

      Bubboo doesn’t like wearing a cap, either. She pulls it down and her nose gets blocked, forcing us to remove it, or removes it herself by rubbing her head up and down against the bed.


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