The Goa connection

We came to know that I was pregnant shortly after the OH and I returned from our holiday to Goa, earlier this year.

There is a strong possibility that Bubboo was conceived in Goa. Bubboo might as well have a Goanese connection. In fact, the OH often calls her ‘Dabolima’ fondly, after the Goa airport.

We keep talking about it all the time. We hope to take Bubboo to Goa as soon as we think she is fit and ready to travel. We want to see how she reacts to the place. Both the OH and I are keen on undertaking this particular trip.

Got to love a baby who comes with the promise of travel, right?


18 thoughts on “The Goa connection

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  2. Goa, love, holiday, babies – that’s what dreams are made up of. The lil one has a goa connection…yea!!! I’m from Goa and I love the place…she’s going to crave beaches, prawn curry and beer soon 🙂


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