All For The Sake Of The Baby

A nephew of mine, who turned all of one recently, lives in the US of A. Apparently, he loves Gada Gada Gudu Gudu Loda Loda Vandi, and insists on listening to the song every day while having his bottle of milk.

One fine day, the said nephew’s parents were enjoying a meal of pizza in a posh cafe when it got to be his feeding time. No YouTube video, no phone recording was handy then. The sis-in-law, noticing the child’s reluctance to drink his milk, decided to sing for him. She started off, in spite of receiving dirty looks from her husband, my cousin brother, who was treating her. He went on to warn her about their impending eviction from the cafe. She ignored him. The singing continued. The milk got drunk in no time, the pizza was eaten. No one minded, and Mission Milk got accomplished.

That’s how husband takes the back seat while the child occupies the driver’s seat.

This incident was relayed to me over a recent phone conversation, and I burst out laughing when I heard of it. I could see the scene in my mind’s eye, including my rather stoic cousin brother getting red-hot angry.

Gada Gada Gudu Gudu Loda Loda Vandi has become a favourite in our household, too, since. It has become a regular accompaniment while Bubboo is feeding.

Do you and your child have any special feeding practices, too? I would love to hear all about them!

16 thoughts on “All For The Sake Of The Baby

  1. First of all heartiest congratulations to u n OH, for arrival of Bubboo..I visit your place occasionally, but never commented earlier.. Bubboo compelled me to do so…:)

    At my place it was “Waka waka by Shakira”..It used to have hypnotizing effect on Lil champ. Now when I try to sing my favorite lullabies to him..he stops me saying that he is feeling scared… *big sigh*


  2. Vatsalyam by Bombay Jayashree. We played it a lot and by the end of 20 days, everytime daughter cried (like snuffled as an excuse to cry), humming one song calmed her down. Was such a useful thing as a new mom, not sure that I could do this!


  3. Aww!! That is so cute! Here’s to a few years of singing in restaurants, roads and everywhere else 🙂 I can imagine the two of you singing funny songs to Bubboo.


    1. @Smitha

      He he.. we are too shy to do that in public. We would definitely sing all sorts of nonsense songs for her at home, though! 🙂
      That said, a few months of being parents might make us shameless enough to sing for her in public, who knows? 🙂


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