Navratri 2014

As I was saying here, Navratri this year was pretty low-key for us, with not much happening on the social front. We did visit my aunt’s house, to view her golu. She keeps one every year, and it is great fun to watch what tricks she pulls out of her hat each time. This time, her golu was simple, but a wonderful sampling of the many, many dolls she has collected from here and there over the years.

I leave you with close-ups of some of the pieces of the golu, for your visual delight.

You like?


9 thoughts on “Navratri 2014

  1. Lovely. Love the little water pump and those things of every day use – radios and telephones and stuff. Those things attract me over the religious stuff, so gollus like this are wonderful to see. Thanks, TGND!


  2. We have similar toys as those you have shared in the first few pics. Some of them as old as me – gifts from my thathi (grandpa). Brought back very fond memories TGND. Its been three plus years my parents stopped “bommala koluvu” – probably cos we are now married and stay at in-laws for festivals. I should try and persuade them to keep it this year. We usually keep it during Sankranthi 🙂


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