Life, as of now, in random points

~ Navratri came and whizzed by this time around, way too fast, and we didn’t even realise it. I haven’t been doing much, but somehow, the Navratri week was quite busy and I ended up doing nothing special for the festival. I managed to catch a bit of Garba on DD National at Amma’s place one evening, and that was about all I saw of the Garba this year. That was enough to create a fresh bout of longing for Gujarat in me, all over again.

~ One of my aunts invited us to view the golu she has kept at her place. She has a huge collection of dolls, made over the years, and she displays them with great passion and creativity every year. This time too was no exception. The OH and I had a wonderful time ooh-ing and aah-ing over the precious dolls.

~ I finished reading Annnie Sanders’ Busy Woman Seeks Wife and Simon Whaley’s One Hundred Ways For A Dog To Train Its Human.  I loved both books, though I felt the latter ended too fast, even before I had begun to get into the book, really. I am still hunting for my next read – need something fun and light but lovely.

~ My freelance work has come to a standstill. There’s nothing, absolutely nothing, happening on that front now. Suddenly, there is a lot of free time in my life with nothing much to do, except for a bit of action on the social front during the Navratri week. I know I ought to enjoy the free time, but it has been driving me up the wall. I have been trying to manage.

~ The father’s birthday happened this week. I invited him home to lunch on a whim, and made his favourite poori-saagu for him. He loved it, and I loved feeding him and Amma.

~ I managed to find beautiful, ripe, juicy country tomatoes at our neighbourhood market twice in the last two weeks, and made two dabbas of the OH’s favourite thakkali thokku for him. It is amazing how his eyes light up at the sight of a box of the thokku, and a sampling of the same has him reeling in ecstasy, like a little kid. He has already polished off one dabba, and is busy finding excuses to eat the remainder with just about anything. I will *try* to remember the joy on his face whenever I find myself going up the wall with frustration and sheer boredom at having nothing much to do these days except cooking and reading.

That’s about it for now. How has life been for you guys?


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