Life, Many Years Later

Sometimes, you come across words or pictures that resonate with something deep inside you, that touch a chord in you. You recognise an instant bonding with the picture or words in question. You feel like something vague that had been within you has been given a physical formย by someone else. That is exactly what happened when I found a certain photograph on one of the number of photography pages I ‘like’ on Facebook.

This picture captures exactly what I think about old age and marriage. It encapsulates exactly what I want my marriage and old age to be like. It is such a beautiful moment, etched on film in such a candid manner, a moment that I want to live, at a later stage in my life.

ย Photograph reproduced with permission of the owner

I want to be the old lady in the picture, sitting at her front door, with her old man, talking away to glory. I want us to be lost in a world of our own, oblivious to the goings-on around us. I want us to have loads of stories to share, lots of things to talk about – after all, we would have grown old together. I want us to still be the best of friends, who can talk to each other about anything and everything. I want us to not care about our humble abode or clothes, for us to find comfort in each other. I want us to be still eager to spend time with each other. Physical ailments or worries, I want us to be able to set them all aside while we are together, and just live in those moments. I want us to be able to put our feet up at least for a short while each day, and just lose ourselves. I want us to recognise the preciousness of such moments, still. I want us not to be defeated by the challenges that life will, inevitably, throw us, but to be strengthened by them.


Title courtesy: This post, which I was instantly reminded of on seeing this picture.

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