H is for…

… Horlicks burfee. πŸ™‚

The OH had suggested some time back that I make Horlicks Burfee for the letter H, for the Alphabet Cooking Challenge. I made it immediately, but didn’t get the chance to put it up on my blog till date. Gah!

The burfee turned out well, just like mysore pak, though I was horrified at the amount of ghee that went into it. Not something to be had while you are dieting, for sure!

I used the recipe here to make the burfee, and followed it to the letter. I will reproduce the recipe here, just for the sake of reference.

Ingredients (for about 20 pieces):

Gram flour (besan) – 3/4 cup

Horlicks (regular) – 1/4 cup

Sugar – 3/4 cup

Ghee – 10-15 tablespoons


1. Heat 1 tablespoon of ghee in a kadhai and add the gram flour. Fry it till it begins to emit a nice fragrance, and starts turning a darker brown. Take the gram flour in a plate, and let it cool down completely.

2. Mix the Horlicks into the gram flour. Ensure that both powders are thoroughly mixed together. Keep aside.

3. Take the sugar in the pan and add enough water to submerge it. Keep the pan on a low flame, and let the sugar and water heat up. Let the sugar syrup come to one-string consistency.

4. At this stage, add the Horlicks-and-gram-flour mixture to the sugar syrup, stirring constantly to ensure that no lumps are formed. Keep the flame medium. Keep adding the ghee to the pan little by little, stirring continuously. Continue this process till the ghee starts to separate out from the mixture. Switch off the gas.

5. Keep a greased plate ready to pour the burfee mixture into, as you continue to stir it.

6. Transfer the burfee mixture to the greased plate as soon as you switch off the gas. Let it cool down completely. Cut into pieces at this stage.

Yumminess, I tell you! πŸ™‚

25 thoughts on “H is for…

    1. @Smitha

      I have seen Horlicks burfee in sweet shops around Bangalore, but never thought I would make it at home some day. πŸ™‚

      If you like mysorepak, you will like this too. It is pretty much similar to mysorepak in taste.


  1. I no like Horlicks!!! from my childhood…may be I should just make Bournvita burfi :):)

    Pssstttt – OH, next time, just eat horlicks as is..I have heard it tastes good too…plus TGND would give some something more interesting from H no?


  2. Thanks to your post, I remembered that I had made something similar ages ago. Found the recipe in my diary too πŸ™‚ Had forgotten all about it.

    This looks yum, but ofcourse, with all that ghee in it πŸ˜›


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