Of memories and coffee mugs

On a balmy evening in January 2010, a few days before our first wedding anniversary, the OH and I set out mobile phone shopping. He wanted to buy a new cellphone for me as an anniversary present. I had been using an ancient one before that, which had started going bonkers. We chose a slide model, in spite of being advised against it by friends, as I was in love with the sleek and elegant image that it presented. It was not fancy – just a basic slide model with a camera and a good sound system, for music. We had fun making the choice, and both of us jumped upon this particular model almost at once. Before we walked out of the store, though, we wanted to test the phone camera one more time, and the assistant said she would take a picture.

Right at the billing counter, without any posing or preparation, a photograph of the OH and me was taken – his hand on the back of my chair, grinning, and leaning towards me, while I was smiling at the camera shyly. We had just become good friends from the new-husband-and-wife that we had been before that, and I think that shows in the expressions playing on both our faces. I made that picture my profile display pic on Facebook for quite a while after that, and that says a lot because I am not really the often-uploading-personal-pictures-on-Facebook type. It was one of the very few pictures that I had put up after my wedding, and it received a lot of love from friends and relatives.

Till date, that picture remains a favourite for both of us. The OH says I look like a cute wife in it, utterly besotted with her husband. I love the way he seems to be sweetly protective of his wife, in the picture. We are dressed in outfits that we love on each other, too – him in a jeans and tee, and me in jeans, white top with pink Kashmiri embroidery, and a pink stole that I picked up while honeymooning in Thailand. Till date, it is one picture that never fails to bring a smile on my face, whenever I look at it. It is special, maybe not appearance-wise, but for the both of us, moment-wise. Isn’t that how most memories are made? Effortlessly, without pretense, without preparations, without posing, just a direct-dil-se moment?

Well, the phone has since conked off, in spite of my attempts to salvage it a couple of times by coughing up huge sums of money, which would total up almost to the cost of the phone. That was something my ex-colleagues didn’t understand when I told them about it, but I couldn’t help. Anyways. The phone is gone now, but the special picture still remains special.

So, when, for the OH’s last birthday, after much contemplation, I decided to order a customized magic coffee mug online, it was this picture that I wanted on it. It would be this picture, and a birthday message, that would appear (magically) on an otherwise blue mug when hot coffee would be poured into it. We are not the very mushy sort of people, especially when it comes to gifts, but this one time, I decided to make an exception.

The mug arrived after a lot of glitches, but it did arrive. I almost gave the surprise away to the OH, but I didn’t entirely. He loved the mug. He has been using it for tea, coffee and milk, day and night, and watching, fascinated, as the picture appears on it. I have loved watching the little-boy-lost expression on his face as he does so.

And a few more beautifully sweet memories have been made.

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