Some thoughts…

… inspired by being a lot around babies, the past couple of days.

** It is so, so, so beautiful to watch a mother and her baby daughter cooing to each other. They have a language all their own. Nothing matters when they are talking to each other – they are lost in a world of their own. The daughter recognises her mother’s voice instantly and calms down from her crying fit, a special smile for her mother replacing her tears.

** Feeding a baby has got to be one of the most peaceful experiences in the world. It is such a beautiful bond between two human beings that it can only soothe, both the baby and the mother, irrespective of the number of problems that I have heard of in association with breastfeeding.

** Holding a baby tight against your chest has got to be a close second in the list of most peaceful experiences. That feeling when the baby burrows into you, feeling safe and snug, is priceless. You don’t know who is more calmed by it – you or the baby.

** Baby booties, baby clothes, baby napkins.. are all extremely adorable. No wonder the parents want to buy everything in baby stores, in every conceivable colour and design.

** Watching a baby recognise you and squeal with joy that you are visiting is, again, out of the world. Being adored like that has to feel darn good!

** A baby holding on to your finger while it sleeps is another priceless feeling. The baby has implicit trust in you, that you will not let go of her tiny hand, and neither do you want to.

** You think you cannot do baby talk, but it is not something that you learn. The inga-inga-oos come naturally from somewhere within you.

** The smell of a freshly bathed baby is one of the most beautiful in the world. One that you cannot get enough of.

If you are thinking I am besotted with wee babies, you are right! 🙂

PS: While we are on the topic of babies, let me point you to this video. Do watch it, if you haven’t already. It is oh-so-lovely it brought tears to my eyes.

Link courtesy: Visha



14 thoughts on “Some thoughts…

  1. A super sweet post TGND..but you know when I look at babies the only thing I can think of is the sleepless nights, the breast feeding agonies, the diapers to wash and the crying session..Cha! I am the most non maternal person in this world I think 🙂


  2. One of the sweetest ads ever! 🙂 I recently spent some time with my 8 month old nephew and can’t get over being a besotted aunt! I refused to let him sleep on his crib and permanently had him cuddled on my shoulder 🙂


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