OH tales

OH: I wish you had the superpower of absorbing everything inside a book by just quickly flipping its pages, from cover to cover.

I wish I could do that, too! 🙂


Me: Travelling on work on a weekend? Again?

OH: What do I do? That’s life!

Me: Gah!

OH: My first morning in Delhi, I’ll call you as soon as I hear the kabaadi wallah shout. You’ll feel like you are right there with me.

Me: !!!!


At the vegetable market

OH: Why don’t you buy all the ingredients you need to make undhiyu? See, you’ll get everything here.

Me: Great idea, OH. Thank you so much for reminding me about undhiyu. I’m already craving for it.

OH: I thought it was a good idea to remind you, too. If you buy the ingredients today, you’ll make the undhiyu while I’m away in Delhi, no? I’ll not have to eat it.

Me: !!!!!!


Me: Which book should I read next, OH?

OH: Read this one. (picks out a book)

Me: Why did you choose this one? You have to tell me your logic behind that, too.

OH: Don’t ask me such difficult questions. I just chose it because the cover is a pretty blue colour.


A G-talk conversation

Me: OH, I talked to X today.


Me: She sounded pretty serious.


Me: She said she will e-mail me the details.


Me: I’ll forward it to you. Let me know what you think.


Me: ok






Is that all you have to say for everything?

OH: Not ok, it’s OK.


The OH is busy looking at the cover of a book, which shows the back of a lady.

Me: What happened?

OH: Does this book have a description of what the cover lady’s face looks like?

Me: !!!!!


18 thoughts on “OH tales

  1. hahahahaha! wait..OH doesnt like undhiyu…wait till we meet, usko pakka going to feed undhiyu and puri 🙂

    And that ok thingie..sigh! these guys are just the same


  2. Ha!! I love the gchat conversation–though at least OH is responding with at least something. 🙂 And good reasoning for picking a book–maybe I should ask mine to pick me out a book and see what his rationale is. Fun little post.


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