More randomness

~ I am now reading Sharon Owens’ The Tea Shop On Mulberry Street. It is a light read, chick-lit, but a warm one. I have been enjoying it so far.

~ I learnt how to make aracha kalakki from my MIL last week, and it turned out wonderful! The OH loved it, and slurped it all up. πŸ™‚

~ We spent the weekend exploring some of the landmarks of Bangalore, aka Cubbon Park, Blossoms Book House and some old, British-era buildings in the city. It was followed by glasses of cool lemonade at India Coffee House. Fun it was!

~ I picked up Farahad Zama’s The Many Conditions Of Love at Blossoms. It is the sequel to The Marriage Bureau For Rich People, a book that I enjoyed a lot a couple of years back. Can’t wait to read it!

~ We tried out the relatively new eatery, Matsya, on Church Street over the weekend too. I wonder why the restaurant is called ‘Matsya’ when it serves only pure vegetarian food! The husband had the Madras Thali while I had a masala dosa and a Kara Puli dosa (or something like that!) I thought the thali was OK, but the OH liked it. The masala dosa was lovely, but the Kara Puli dosa was not great. The buffet looked nice, though. Maybe next time… Have any of you eaten at Matsya?

~ Read about this incident in Chennai yesterday, and it was so very heartwarming. It is good to see that the lives of common people are valued too!

~ We took a short cut to enter Cubbon Park over the weekend, instead of entering through the main gate – we stepped over a high ledge and jumped down into the garden – and saw a couple of men staring at us. We later came to know that there was a creepy-crawly visitor on the grass just below us, heading right our way. Take a look at him (?)

Luckily, we did not have an encounter with him! The men didn’t want to scare us off, apparently. People told us he was non-poisonous, but I still shudder to think of what might have happened!

Main gates are there for a purpose, it seems. Gah!

~ Just when I was getting really, really happy with the big, fat, pink, luscious litchis that are available in Bangalore these days, I came across this in the newspaper. So disheartening! 😦

~ Whatsapp has been down on my phone since a week or so. My phone doesn’t support it, apparently. Gah! I do miss it at times, but it is good to know that I am not completely addicted to it. πŸ™‚

So, what’s up in your life these days?



16 thoughts on “More randomness

  1. I stopped here just to give a shout out to Blossoms Book House. It is where my wife and I go on dates on boring Saturday afternoons. We’d both be lazing around the house doing nothing. Then we’d look at each other, nod, and get up without a word and head out to Church Street. We live in Whitefield, so it’s not exactly next door, but we never let that bother us.

    Ooh, and yes, I saw the ‘Antakshari’ post about ‘Tum ko dekha’. That’s easily my number one go-to song in the kitchen when I am doing dishes. So a thumbs-up there too πŸ™‚


    1. @Sharath Kommaraju

      Welcome here! πŸ™‚

      Blossoms is like a magic world of its own, no? You go there once, and you keep going again and again.

      Love the way you have described how you and your wife head to Blossoms on free weekends. I could imagine it in my mind. πŸ™‚

      I love Tum Ko Dekha.


  2. What is Aracha kalakki? I am hearing it for the first time. Pls pls do a recipe post πŸ™‚

    When I heard of the litchi news, my thoughts automatically went to you! πŸ™‚

    Errr..I am so so so scared of snakes, I get haunted by them in my dreams. Growing up, it was too much, now I get such dreams once in a while.

    These days we are not eating out at all.. one way I am happy about it – S enjoys my food better than the outside food and the weighing scale guilt is not there too. But then, I miss eating out sometimes πŸ™‚


    1. @Greenboochi

      Same pinch on the not-eating-out-often thing. We have started eating out after ages! Yes, it is good for the weight. πŸ™‚

      Litchis – 😦

      Aracha Kalakki is a dish typically prepared by Palakkad Iyers. Will post the recipe soon, hopefully.


  3. Hi TGND!

    Both your books sound lovely. I haven’t read any books by Farahad Zama but they sound so interesting, should pick them up πŸ™‚ Oh dear, that snake reminded me of a time (the day Princess Diana died) when someone spotted a snake go through our lawn into the garage. My and I were at home and had absolutely no idea what to do and were so scared πŸ˜› We called Snake Shyam and couldn’t reach him but somehow the snake went off by the time we called for help, there was nobody (eerr. nothing) there!

    Hayyo! That litchi thing is a bummer ya. Maybe I will enjoy some on your behalf here? πŸ˜› (Ah wait, I think some of these are imported from India. oopsie! )

    I have those issues with whatsapp. Try deleting and reinstalling again, maybe? Sometimes it gets outdated etc. I have it for more than a year but somehow never got addicted to it and forget to check it even!


    1. @Kismitoffeebar

      You should try out Farahad Zama’s books. They are simple, warm reads, I think you’ll like them. πŸ™‚

      The Tea House on Mulberry Street is getting to be a little tedious now. 😐

      Whoever is Snake Shyam? God, a snake (almost) in the house is so scary!

      I will try deleting and reinstalling Whatsapp on my phone. Thanks for the idea!


  4. na it is looking at something else πŸ™‚ he he he

    whattttttttt whatsapp down.. how you surviving πŸ™‚ apparently anyone i talk to is so addicted to it , that i dont think they can live without it .. SALUTE THEE MAM…
    I dont use it either that much πŸ™‚ actually i am becoming a sad OLD man now.. I dont have FB or other social addictions other than blog πŸ™‚ but even that is getting lesser and lesser .. as such not many visit anymore .. including you πŸ™‚

    That is a good week then πŸ™‚ Life these days well its spinning and going On.. the show is going onnnnnnnnnnnn


    1. @Bikramjit

      I am too recent a user of Whatsapp to have gotten addicted to it. πŸ™‚ I use FB a bit, but I don’t think my usage is all that much, either.

      Have a good whatever-is-left-of-the-week ahead. πŸ™‚


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