The seven types of guests at a griha pravesam

So, the parents held the griha pravesam ceremony for their house last Sunday. There were some glitches, and there were some beautiful moments, too. Overall, the ceremony went off well.

In the gyaan that comes after having organised and executed an event, I present to you the seven types of guests that we noticed at the griha pravesam.

1. The happy-to-be-there type

These guests are really, genuinely happy to be there at the ceremony. They appreciate the efforts you put in into searching for a suitable house for several long months. They recognise the hard work you have done, the number of discussions you have had with the builder, to bring the house to a ready-to-occupy, liveable state. They do understand that the house is not a mansion in France, but that it was the best you could do within your budget and circumstances. Such guests are a real pleasure to have around at an event.

2. The stomach-burning type

These guests have a fire burning in their belly – not the good type of fire, mind you. They make comments like ‘So, this house will go to your daughter.. she now has two houses – this one and her own. Her husband is SO lucky!’ They are almost in tears to see that you have finally found the house that you were looking for since long, and that you succeeded in buying it and getting it registered. They are pains in the you-know-where, but situations are such that they have to be invited.

3. The pandal-to-packing-up type

These guests are your real friends, those who really care about you. They stand by your side, getting the pandal erected with you, sweeping floors, dusting windows and urging construction workers to speed up with the furniture polish. They are by your side till the pooja is over, all the other guests have left, and all your belongings are carefully packed and loaded up to head back home. They don’t mind getting their hands dirty, for your sake. Gems of people, I say.

4. The eat-and-go type

These guests come to the ceremony because you have invited them. They eat because you have requested them to stay for lunch. They just show up at the appointed time, and leave at a time that is decent. Enough said.

5. The complaint-box type

These guests make statements like ‘The house is good, but….my daughter’s is better.’ It is actually amazing to see how many faults these people can find with the house, the location, the ceremony, the food, the people – just about anything – in half an hour’s time! Phew!

6. The social-networking type

These guests consider your housewarming ceremony as yet another opportunity to network socially. They are ready with pen and paper, or mobile phone, as the case may be, to note down names and addresses and phone numbers so that they can build their network of friends. They are the people who can be found in corners before, after and during the pooja, busy discussing what happened to that aunty’s son’s friend’s friend. They have to have the latest on everyone, you know?

7. The no-show type

These guests keep assuring you that will be a part of the ceremony without fail, whenever you e-mail, call or talk to them. They give you no reason to believe that they won’t be coming, but they are no-shows. No phone calls, no messages, no mails of warning. You later learn that they weren’t planning to come all along, as you wonder what to do with the plates of food that you have left over, thanks to them.

Have you met any of these characters?


24 thoughts on “The seven types of guests at a griha pravesam

  1. I know you have been really putting in so much effort towards, so reading this post made me super happy TGND ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope your parentsh ave lots of good times in their new home ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ha ha, all those types are very much there in every event! While it does get on your nerves (esp. 5 coz’ I dislike negativity during a happy event), I try to associate myself lesser and lesser.

    Super happy for you though ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. haha! Wonder which category I would have fallen into ๐Ÿ™‚
    And hey, I hope you did get my message on Fri.
    Congrats again on finally making it! Having moved into a new place myself and having seen the Hero work his ass off for this place, I know how hard the months and thus, how satisfying the day of grih-pravesh can be!


  3. I think I have been several of these types of guest, depending on the relationship.

    Congratulations to your parents on their new home! Wish them many happy years there!


      1. @Sangitha

        I think we all have been, at one point or the other, depending on our relationship with the host. I try not to fall under the No. 7 category, though.

        Thank you so much! ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Oh yes I sure have met all these types!! And I think type 1 is the rarest. They are nice enough to be good to the world at large even though they may not be a particularly close friend or relative. That shows real goodness in character and mind.
    Sadly they are very rare and the world is more filled with type 2. I can only pity them for they can never be happy in life and are disliked by everyone.
    That was a very lively post TGND. And congratulations on the new house!!! Ahem .. I am type 1 you see though I do not like to boast about it ๐Ÿ˜‰


  5. yes there is one more type .. the ones those who just wont go.. the ceremony is finished, food is done , packing is done and they still cling on .. you have plenty of work to do but cant because this lot wont go ๐Ÿ™‚ and they wont help either..

    Congrats TGND and please extend my regards to parents ..


  6. Umm… you forgot one more type of guest. The ones who will read the blog post and send congratulations and best wishes for the grihapravesham. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Very happy to know that your parents have found the right place for themselves.


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