The litchi sellers of New BEL Road

One of the surest signs that the month of May has arrived, for me, is the arrival of the litchi sellers on New BEL Road. This time around, they are a tad late, though. 🙂

I find the litchis I pick up from New BEL Road much fresher and juicier than the ones I find anywhere else. These litchis come all the way from Calcutta, the sellers tell us.

We are yet to buy our first litchis of the season. There’s still time to go before the really pink, really luscious ones come to market.

Have you begun gorging on these balls of deliciousness yet?

19 thoughts on “The litchi sellers of New BEL Road

  1. I ma hating myself for coming back from india end of march, if only the wedding was now and i had gone now .. The trees in the house would have been full of the fruit..

    I love the fruit 🙂 you made me JEalous VERYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


  2. Not yet!!! Jab se we have left U.P. I have not really tasted good litchi’s. There was a time when I used to litchi laden trees…abhi to good litchi dikhna is a privilege!!!


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