Gulmohar no more?

One of my earliest memories of Bangalore is gazing at the beautiful orangeish-red flowers of the gulmohar from the windows of my aunt’s house, whenever we came down to the city from Ahmedabad for the summer holidays. We would usually visit during April-May, and the gulmohars would be in full bloom then, in all their regal glory. Now that I live in Bangalore, I eagerly wait for the summer (not for the summer heat, though!) so that I can get to experience that prettiness again.

The gulmohars all over the city are in bloom now, and it is a majestic sight, indeed. It is a treat to walk/drive underneath the red canopy formed by these trees. I am like a little child at such times, mouth agape, face turned to the window, taking in as much as I can of these beauties.

This article in the papers, a couple of days ago, came as a shock to me. No more gulmohars in Bangalore? I don’t know about the good or bad effects this will have on the city’s planning, but it surely is sad. Bangalore will lose something which is such an integral part of its charm. I know of many who look up to trees such as these to bring a smile on their faces as they battle traffic jams, among other things, on their way to work. These orange-red beauties often make the long, long commute bearable. What will we do when there comes a time when there are none of these gorgeous trees in the city any more? Will my children never know the joys of an orange-red splattered Bangalore?


19 thoughts on “Gulmohar no more?

  1. Hola! New reader here and this post and pictures made me comment. It really took me back to the 3 years I spent as a child in Bangalore. Yes, Gulmohars are such an integral part of Bangalore’s charm.


    1. @Bikramjit

      Thank you!

      Well, I don’t think the BBMP is saying it will cut down the existing gulmohar trees. What it is saying – I think – is that no more of these trees will be planted. Instead of gulmohars, other, smaller ornamental trees will be planted around the city.

      Moreover, I have also heard of gulmohars causing problems in the rains. The trunks get eaten up by insects from inside, get completely hollow, and then fall down in the roads, causing traffic hazards and dangers to people standing/sitting/walking beside them. There might be a logic in what the BBMP is saying – I am not qualified enough to comment on that.


      1. well these trees have been there for so many yearsss.. so have the BBMP woken up to this issue NOW.. πŸ™‚ , if yes then what were they doing all these years.

        Then they should be brought to task for causing all the traffic hazards etc ..

        you know back home in chandigarh our house is almost at the corner so we have these beautiful gulmohar trees on either side of our gate that opens into the main road.. and it is beautiful ..

        I agree to the smaller ornamental trees but then those trees are ornaments and not as good as these trees..


      2. @Bikramjit

        Ummm, I guess till now they were experimenting? πŸ™‚

        You know what, the article says gulmohars are more suitable for a planned city like Chandigarh than to a city like Bangalore.


  2. I was so sad when I got to know about the article. What is wrong with people?? 😦

    I too await summers to see the lanes filled with the red beauty. One of my favorites! It is time,that some sense is driven into the heads of the BBMP people. 😑


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