Dear OH,

Among the many things I admire about you, one is your ability to throw yourself completely into helping others, even if, sometimes, I feel they don’t deserve it. We have had many arguments over this, but you have always had your own justifications for helping out, and the goodness of your heart has always bowled me over.

I love the way you walk four steps ahead for the people in our lives – irrespective of whether they are related to us or not – when all they have asked for is for you to meet them one step ahead. I love how you always have more to do for them than they were expecting. I love how you give of yourself so unselfishly. I love how, sometimes, people don’t even need to tell you that they need help – you just go ahead and help them anyway. I love how you are smart enough to know when you need to step in and just how much.

I was the kind of person who used to wait on the sidelines of life events and politely ask people if they need help of any sort, to let me know whenever they do. Then, I would wonder why they never asked. It was only after I got married to you that I realised how to help. I am still learning how to. You just go ahead and help. You go by your gut instincts. You don’t wait to be invited by people. You just give. You heal, and you get healed in the process. That’s how your relationships with most people in your life are deeper than mine, more meaningful, more satisfying.

There is a lot that I need to learn from you, and this is one such thing. I am so glad you are the person you are. You make me a much better person just by being you.


Your wife


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  1. That is such a wonderful quality to have! I have seen my mom go out of the way and help people all my life and I wonder and wonder at it. It is something I have never been able to inculcate in myself 😦


  2. Hey Beanie,

    Thank you so much! It is you who made me realise what I am. I know what I mean to you. Many things have changed in me (positively) after we both joined hands. Of course I don’t write, otherwise I would have a million words praising you. It is your spirit that drives me and keeps our bond strong. Love you…

    Thank you, friends, for all your wishes. Yes, I am lucky to have TGND in my life.. I never miss reading all her posts, even though I only visit her blog sometimes.


  3. This is exactly what I’d say to Hero. But I am yet to completely understand and accept why helping people who don’t deserve it (or so we think) is still goodness. Most often, it only drives me M.A.D.!!
    But yea, he is the better person.


    1. @HappyFeet

      That’s the thing – It is we who think that some people don’t deserve help. The OH has his own justifications for that. He says that sometimes, people don’t deserve help, but they need it. If I think deeply, I think he is right.


  4. I see just one difference between OH and my husband which is: OH has an awesome person who is also a great writer for a spouse where my husband has me (let me just stop here , for nothing is there to be told(: ) . Cant agree more on ““You make me a much better person just by being you”. though this for me is still a work in progress from my end, for I’m so stubborn that I fail to or rather forget to mend my ways when the situaton calls for it. May you both bring in love and cheer to those around you and have a wonderful wonderful life ahead 🙂


  5. “You make me a much better person just by being you” – so much love and admiration conveyed in this single line TGND. May you both share many more such aww moments 🙂


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