Of practical skills learnt and never used

As a little girl, when I learnt from my grandmother how to mend tears in clothes and buttons on shirts, over the course of a few boring summer vacation afternoons, I was just passing time. I never mended tears or sewed buttons after that – these tasks always seemed to get done magically at home, courtesy Amma and Patti. The chance to do so never cropped up even after marriage.

When the OH told me he was missing buttons on a few of his shirts yesterday morning, I was wondering what to do about them. I had completely forgotten that I knew how to stitch them on. I didn’t even have needles and threads at home! Yes, I am a bad, bad homemaker, I know.

Boredom prompted me to pick up the shirts yesterday evening, to at least try to sew the buttons on. I decided to use a sewing kit we had picked up during a hotel stay some time.

The ease with which I stitched the buttons on actually amazed me. Threading the needle, knotting the end, doing the criss-cross stitches over the buttons, and knotting the end of the thread again once the task was done – all these once-upon-a-time actions came naturally to me once again. Even Amma and the OH were surprised to see my handiwork.

You never know when practical skills come in handy. Sometimes, even 15 years later.

Some things learnt are never really lost. This life lesson struck me hard yesterday.


10 thoughts on “Of practical skills learnt and never used

  1. So true!! My aunt tried to teach me the intricacies of sewing but she was hopelessly disappointed!!
    But, I do know how to sew a button on properly so I guess it wasn’t all a waste! πŸ˜€


  2. How true TGND :). My amma has been nagging me for years to learn basic sewing and I dodged it for years, but recently browsing through all the DIY cushion covers and fun bags has finally stirred a desire to learn basic sewing and make my own bags and cushion covers. Your post has prompted me to enquire for some class.


    1. @Monkey Mind

      I don’t think I have it in me to make bags and cushion covers by myself. That’s a whole new level altogether! πŸ™‚

      Learning basic sewing will help you at least sew on buttons, darn and mend tears when you don’t have anyone to rely on. Much like home-made cooking.


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