~ Just when I was cribbing about Bangalore having become an arid and dusty desert, nature suddenly decided to shower us with rain yesterday, without any sort of warning. The old Bangalore is sort of back now, and I am busy admiring the beauty of the city all over again, since this morning. 🙂

~ Like this girl, I also got swayed by the advertisement for Maybelline’s Baby Lips and bought one. That, and a Maybelline Color Show nailpolish. I am utterly disappointed with both products. The lip balm does not keep my lips moisturised for even an hour, and the nail polish started chipping just one day after applying it!

~ There has been talk of the Airlines Hotel, that famous landmark of Old Bangalore, shutting shop soon, thanks to a High Court directive. I have always wanted to visit the hotel, eat its famous dosas and drink its famous filter coffee in its beautiful open-air dining area, but never did so. I kept putting it off. Sometime later, I kept saying, ever since I moved to Bangalore. And now it looks like I might never have the chance to visit again. Gah!

~ I am craving for all the delicacies that the Gujaratis make using mangoes, this time of the year. 😦 Sigh! There are so many things I remember about summers in Ahmedabad and mangoes, I should do a post on that!

~ Back home in Ahmedabad, we used to get a new clay pot for storing water every summer. After shifting to Bangalore, I stopped following this custom, but kept missing matke ka paani throughout the summers. This summer, though, my craving for the sweet-smelling cool water from a clay pot is something else altogether. This post by Visha has taken that craving to yet another level. The OH and I have been in discussions about buying a matka soon, but nothing has materialised so far. 😦

~ It is so nice to see people in high positions in their careers not throwing their weight around, and behaving with utmost humility. Such a refreshing change!

~ I wrote a letter after ages. My hand ached like anything with every few lines that I wrote, and I realised that my handwriting has become ultra-horrible, but it was such a cathartic process, writing that letter. I should do more of that, I feel. There is something about letters that no e-mail can match.

~ I have been spring-cleaning the house with a vengeance of late. Have cleared out so much stuff, I am proud of myself. 🙂 I must say it is a therapeutic experience, but only if done when you want to do it. 😛

~ I have been reading 97 Orchard: An Edible History Of Five Immigrant Families In One New York Tenement by Jane Ziegelman. The synopsis sounded oh-so-interesting when I picked up the book, but it has not been such a great read this far. 😦

~ I have also been reading Indu Sundaresan’s The Twentieth Wife, and am totally in love with it. I love how the entire Mughal era, Akbar’s court, Salim’s youth and the young Mehrunnisa comes alive in front of me as I read the book. Beautifully written!


11 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. @Visha

    Bangalore has indeed gotten a bit cooler now, after the rains. 🙂

    Me and GB? You mean me and OH?

    If we had someone selling authentic Gujju delicacies in Bangalore, all of us would surely have made him/her a superhit by now. 🙂

    This year, you will be able to enjoy all your Gujju favourites, no? 🙂


  2. Just having moved to a new place, I did a lot of cleaning too – found it very relaxing for a change 🙂

    And I would love a clay pot too – only this morning I was telling S we should get one too.

    I am completely flattered by some people who are so down to earth inspite of holding such high ranks.

    Oh yes, the weather is beautiful in Bangalore again 🙂

    Only three weeks back I read The Twentieth Wife and loved it so so so much. Every word is still etched in my memory. I am planning to get the other two books from the trilogy very soon.

    And I enjoyed reading Me Before You – thanks for suggesting. Will and Lou were so real to me, that I now I am missing them a lot 🙂


    1. @Greenboochi

      I am seriously going to do something about the clay pot. 🙂

      Cleaning is therapeutic, yes, but, for me, only when the mood strikes me. 😀

      I hope the beautiful weather in Bangalore continues!

      I have read only Shadow Princess out of Indu Sundaresan’s Taj trilogy. Should read the third book soon, too.

      I am so glad to know that you loved Me Before You. Such a sensitively written book, no?


  3. Gujarat and summer and mangoes…sigh!

    and oh matla nu paani is awesome..I was telling RD to buy one over the weekend 🙂 we usually buy in April and keep it till june/july


    1. @R’s Mom

      Here, people are not so particular about buying matkas re.. in fact, I have to go hunting for a matka here, if I want to buy one. 😦 That said, this year, I am going to get one re.. Desperately craving for that sweet water!


    1. @Pflead73

      I know what you mean. That said, Bangalore has indeed been heating up a lot more than it used to in earlier years. Temperatures are soaring here, just as much as in other cities. The saving grace here is the rain, though. It arrives, off and on, even during summers, with its blessed coolness. 🙂


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