The honge mara is in bloom…

… all over Bangalore!

Though popular by the name of ‘Honge Mara’ in Kannada, this tree is also known as the Indian Beech Tree. Its scientific name is ‘Millettia Pinnata‘. The various parts of the tree are used for different purposes,  including the making of soaps and oils. The tree provides dense shade, and one can experience quite a bit of coolness if one stands underneath it.

What attracts me to this tree, apart from its pretty flowers, is the smell of these flowers. It is heady and heavenly!

If you are in Bangalore at the moment, don’t miss stopping by one of these trees and taking a minute or two to smell the flowers! 🙂

17 thoughts on “The honge mara is in bloom…

  1. Beautiful clicks!! 🙂
    Honge mara is probably my most favorite tree! I love the fragrance, the shade, the flowery carpet they form on the roads.. everything! 🙂 🙂


  2. TGND, Just Just this morning, when I was looking at these huge bunch of “honge mara” (Thanks for enlightening me with the name of this tree” strewn all across the stretch of the road, I was thinking that if it were you, you would capture it beautifully on the camera! and what do I see on your blog today 🙂 Next time, thinking of picking some fresh flowers to bring home


  3. Ahha! So nostalgic this post makes me – I miss honge mara 😦 Our helper would bring some home and put them in the flower bowl in the verandah and I loved her for it!
    Loved seeing the pics 🙂


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