The day we walked into the Mad Hatter’s tea party

One beautiful balmy evening last week, on an exploration trail in Goa without an agenda, the OH and I landed at the Miramar beach on the scooter we had hired. (We found it is a great way to explore Goa, very cost-effective, too, but more on that later.)

We had just entered the beach when we were greeted by the Mad Hatter, with his tall hat and that mad grin on his face. He was hosting a tea party for his friends.

Alice seemed to be enjoyed her cup of tea, looking pretty in a dress with frills and puffed sleeves. All the others – the Dormouse, the Cheshire Cat, the March Hare, and their friends – seemed pretty pleased with their little party, sitting amidst the toadstools.

Only the Queen of Hearts seemed glum. There seemed to be something angering her.

Oblivious to all of this, Alice seemed to be lost in her tea cup and her imagination.

Was she dreaming of a beautiful land full of flowers, birds, butterflies and bees? It definitely looked like that.

Why was the Mad Hatter holding his tea party on Miramar beach, of all places?, I wondered. Apparently, it was the Mumbai-based Sand Cult that brought him and his friends there, with the help of Goa Tourism.

I must say, they surely did a wonderful job!


17 thoughts on “The day we walked into the Mad Hatter’s tea party

    1. @R’s Mom

      Not sure how long this one will be there, RM. I did see another beautiful sand sculpture at Calangute beach (coming up soon on blog). That, as far as I know, will be on till March 31. Maybe you could ask your parents to go there?


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