: Helping travelers travel India claims to be the largest travel information website in India, as well as one of the most reputed and trusted tour operators in the country. In this guest post, the website tells us all about itself and how it can be of use to travel enthusiasts.


How it all started is the brain child of three engineering graduates from IIT and NSIT who share a common passion – travel. The foundation of the company was laid in the year 2008, when Vikas Rana joined hands with his college batch mate Sanjay Goel and work colleague Karan Nahata to convert their passion into a successful business model. This was how, a travel guide for India, was born.

The website’s entrepreneurial journey

The website was started with the goal of being a one-stop travel guide for tourists in India, covering all aspects of travel, from destination to transportation to hotels. In the past five years, the company has not only built a good reputation for itself among travelers, but has been able to garner various accolades and awards for innovative methodologies and operational tools employed by it.

The company focuses on simplicity and quality, and that has taken them a long way. Travel is a dynamic industry, which is constantly evolving, and the team at works hard to cater to these changes. presently receives five million visits per month. Weekend Getaways and PDF guides are among the many tools provided by, which have become very popular.

Create your own travel package!

The company launched its innovative ‘Create Your Own Packages’ tool in the last leg of 2013, which is fast becoming a favorite with travelers. This tool gives users the ability to create dynamic tour packages which they can customize as per their needs. The tool has been introduced with the aim of solving the major problems faced by travelers in India.

The company has tie-ups with several vendors and hotels across a variety of budget ranges, and offers a comparison between them over seven different parameters. Technology has played a major part in bridging the gap between travelers and hotels, thus curbing any miscommunication and ensuring smooth transactions at all ends.

This tool has helped travelers book their holiday packages in an easy and reliable way.

What’s next?

After the successful implementation of their ‘Create Your Own Packages’ tool, the team is busy at work again, to create something new and out of the box.


Disclaimer: This is an on-request guest post by the team. Though I think the website can be of great use to travelers in traversing the colourful country that is India, I have never had an opportunity to use it myself.

4 thoughts on “ : Helping travelers travel India

    1. @Destination Infinity

      This is what the team has to say:

      MustSeeIndia’s USP is that we offer a completely customizable holiday package for the users. Customization options like selecting whichever hotel the user needs, type of room required (price changes dynamically as they change), along with reviews (both on mustseeindia and linked to TripAdvisor as well). It will help the user choose a hotel as per his/her budget.

      We also provide customization options for transport – both from the user’s city or for local sightseeing. The user can choose different modes of transport and, hence, will be able to get a more accurate price for the package.

      Overall, mustseeindia offers a one-stop customizable option for the users with all the information at one place – hotels(type, ratings, price), transport (bus/train timings and price, local cab fare for different type of cabs), sightseeing, etc.


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