Monkey morning

I teetered out of bed this morning, hesitant to leave the comfort of my warm blanket. Bribing myself with a cup of hot masala chai, I headed to the neighbourhood park for my morning walk, only to find it locked. My first thought was that my sleep-heavy eyes were playing tricks on me, but they weren’t. The garden was well and truly closed – there were no walkers to be spotted inside.

The reason? ‘They are catching monkeys inside,’ a helpful neighbour told me. ‘They were creating a nuisance, no? Scaring away joggers and walkers,’ he added. I have been witness to the naughty monkeys’ morning romps in the park, too, but I had never imagined this in my wildest dreams.

He looked at my dazed expression and added, ‘They have caught 10 to 12 monkeys already, you know?’

I nodded, muttered my thanks, and walked back home.

Catching monkeys in parks? The first I ever heard of anything of that sort. What do they say about the universe conspiring to give you what you really want? In my case, it was a leave of absence from my usual rounds in the park.

Sometimes real life is stranger than fiction, yes.

No, I did not dare to check out how exactly the said monkeys were being taken captive.


19 thoughts on “Monkey morning

  1. we’ve been troubled by them for the past few months, could not leave the windows or doors open, even a weeny bit. Their behavior is so like humans,once they came inside and there was a bisleri bottle on the table, coolly opened it and finished the water.
    Hcere also, they were ‘caught’


    1. @Wanderlustathome

      They have been entering our house too, opening the oven (yes!), stealing fruits and dates and bread and biscuits and what not! In the park where I go to walk too, they have been creating trouble.

      I wonder how they are ‘caught’ now!


  2. I’m quite petrified of monkeys loitering around! Hope the monkeys in the park are kept safe and looked after well wherever it is that they have been taken to.


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