Letter to a city I love

Dear Amdavad,

Were you waiting for me to move out, to grow up so much and become so gorgeous? 😦

Every Facebook update about you that I read on my friends’ pages, every post that I see about you on pages like this and this, makes me realise how far you have come from the small town I grew up in. New art galleries, fine dining, beautifully developed amusement parks – you seem to have it all these days. Why were there hardly any places to go to over the weekends when I was there? Not fair! Hmpfh! Not that that made me love you any less, of course.

You make me crave to come back to you, and see you with new eyes. With every post I read about you, I realise how much I long for you. I have moved on in life, to another city I love equally, but I cannot really forget where I am from. If I return to you, though, I am afraid it will be as a tourist, rather than as a local. That is something that will always rankle, I guess.

I cannot wait to show the real you to my husband, in all your glory. I cannot wait to reveal to him your humble beauty. Now, however, I think that will involve more of ‘discovering’ than ‘rediscovering’. You seem to have moved on too, as a whole. I sincerely hope we have not moved on beyond each other.

I don’t know when you and I will meet next, but I do hope it is soon. I hope you and I make a fine pair again, soon, as we used to, once. I hope I will still find traces of the small town I once loved in you, and you will still find in me the little girl you so used to love.

Yours truly,


PS: I have to let you know that you have spoiled me, for what seems to be forever. I have shopped so much in your markets that I cannot really enjoy shopping elsewhere. I search for the joie de vivre that I found in you, everywhere. Reason enough to visit again, eh?

16 thoughts on “Letter to a city I love

  1. U r right! Ahmedabad has developed a lot… it is no less than the other metros. U shud plan a visit. I stay here and I love it 🙂


  2. I just went to Ahmedabad about a month back and yes it has developed a lot more than earlier. Though I am not too much of a fan of the cities its a great place now for kids with amusement parks and all!

    Food in Ahmedabad was an attraction for me and still remains! 🙂


  3. Everytime I read posts about Ahmedabad from you and others, I long to go there. I can only understand how YOU must be feeling about it. Hope you get to go there soon. Yes, it is amazing how a place you are from transitions into something so new in such a short while. It kind of pinches my heart that it is no longer the same and yet I look fondly at how much it has endured and how it has travelled so far. I hope you and OH relive this magic together 🙂


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