A foodie thinks aloud….

~ I have been experimenting quite a bit in the kitchen. Of late, apart from the Caprese-style sandwich, sev usal, methi rice and achaari gobi were the successful attempts. Will be sharing my version of the recipes soon, hopefully.

~ Apparently, winter has set in in Delhi, and the daulat-ki-chaat-wallahs have appeared on the streets. I have never had daulat-ki-chaat, but it sure sounds fantabulous. I mean, how can something with such a lovely, rich name not taste equally lovely and rich? πŸ™‚ I have been craving to have some ever since I read this post. Delhi-wallahs, parcel please?

~ There is a nip in the air these days as I go for my morning and evening walks. Winter is setting in in Bangalore as well. Wonderful weather for barbecues, sizzlers, steaming pizzas and pastas, straight-out-of-the-oven garlic bread, hot soups (to be had in large bowls, wrapping one’s fingers around them from time to time), steaming vegetable noodles and Maggi. Sigh! The very thought of these foods makes me feel warm and cossetted! πŸ™‚

~ There are beetroots lying in the fridge, and I am tired of using them to make the usual South Indian-style curry. One of my aunts tells me that beetroots taste wonderful when made into a korma. Maybe…. tomorrow….

~ The markets are overflowing with fresh winter greens, green peas and pigeon peas, among other goodness. Sacrilege not to make some undhiyu at home, I say!

~ Christmas is just 20 days away! That means – lots of plum cake! Yay! Bangalore people, where do you buy your plum cake from?

~ I finally managed to see Ram Leela on the big screen yesterday. I didn’t care much about the story, but I did love the sets and costumes and all. I felt like I was in Gujarat. Now, I am craving for some gol-papdi and fafda and kadak Gujarati chai, sigh!

~ Browsing food blogs has becoming a favourite pastime of mine these days. Not that it wasn’t, ever. Nowadays, I spend a lot more time on them. That’s how I discovered this recipe for Gujarati batata-nu-shaak that I used to lust after when I was in Ahmedabad, but never tried making at home. One of these days, I am going to make it, for sure!

~ This girl has been tempting me way too much with her delicious food pictures and simple recipes, of which I have bookmarked a few. I so want to try out her curd methi sabzi!

~ I am craving for something sinfully chocolate-ey, all gooey and filled with chocolate-ey liquid. The taste buds are demanding for instant gratification.

~ There must be neera stands all over Gujarat now, I guess, now that winter has started. Thin chance of me getting any here! 😦

~ I did some grocery shopping in Nilgiri’s the other day, after ages. I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of things on offer, and was bowled over by the old-fashioned charm of the place! I hadn’t realised you get things like butterscotch chips and tinned bamboo shoots there! I bought a sample of their rich plum cake, their signature vanilla drops, a tin of sarson-ka-saag, bajra and maize flours, some mango-flavoured yoghurt, tofu, orange cookies and guava barfee. The guava barfee and plum cake were yummylicious, but we have not had a chance to taste the rest of the stuff.

~ The taste buds are also demanding for tangy home-made paani poori, loaded with mint. One of these days, I will get around to making it…

Well, that’s it from this foodie for now. What’s happening in your kitchens and pantry shelves and foodie brains? Tell me! I would love to know!


16 thoughts on “A foodie thinks aloud….

  1. Remind me to spank you for this post whenever we meet okay..*Drooolingggggggggggg* Darn! I shouldnt have opened it early in the morning when I am dying of hunger *goes off to search for food*

    PS – Try the bengali style Chop or plain beetroot cutlet with oats..its yummmmmmmm


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