Snapshots from the Krishi Mela, 2013

I’m late in posting the pictures we took at the Krishi Mela that we went to in the GKVK campus, some time back, but better late than never, eh?

The fair was super-duper crowded, and we weren’t able to see a thing. What did we do? We let the sea of humanity move us to the flowers-and-vegetables-growing-area in the campus, where there was no crowd. It is a permanent fixture within the premises, I think, but I am not sure. Anyways, we had a very happy time clicking the giant sunflowers and cauliflowers and cabbages there. πŸ™‚

For your weekend viewing pleasure, here are some of the snaps. Enjoy!

Rows and rows and rows of sunflowers – what’s to not love?
One of my favourite flowers!
See how big they are? They were taller than us!
Huge cauliflower – love!
Ridge gourd and bottle gourd on the plant
Knol-khol or turnip
One of the biggest cabbages I have ever seen!
Red pumpkin on the plant
Ragi – I had never seen the plant before!
Pigeon peas in the making

13 thoughts on “Snapshots from the Krishi Mela, 2013

      1. I did make the cauliflower fry that night πŸ™‚

        Cut into florets and put them in boiling water along with a pinch of turmeric to strain out any worms.

        Heat a kadai, add oil, thinly sliced onions, ginger garlic paste and allow the onions to become golden.

        Then add salt, sambar powder/ coriander + red chilli powder and the florets and give it a nice mix. Check for the salt and spice levels and sprinkle enough water for the florets to cook.

        Let it cook within a closed lid and wait till the water is evaporated. At last, the increase the gas flame and let the dry mix sit for a minute or two. The smoky flavor you get is tasty πŸ˜‰

        That’s all! I had it with phulkas and dal-rice πŸ™‚


      2. @Visha

        I make cauliflower sabzi pretty much the same way, except that I add tomatoes too, and make it directly in a pressure cooker. Should try your version out some time.

        By the by, I do happen to have a big cauliflower sitting pretty in my refrigerator. It might get converted into cauliflower fry for tonight’s dinner. πŸ™‚

        Thanks for sharing the recipe!


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