Being random, all over again

~ Life has been busy, busy, busy of late, but the good kind of busy. I have had no time to jot down snippets from our Diwali celebrations this year, which is what I am going to do now, for the sake of memories. Better late than never, right?

~ The OH had three days of holiday for Diwali this time around, which were spent exploring the city, chilling out with family, hogging on sweets and savouries, lighting diyas and a bit of shopping. All in all, we had a fun Diwali. How was yours?

~ I bought a book for myself for Diwali – Marina Lewycka’s A Short History Of Tractors In Ukrainian, a pre-loved copy. I had read loads of good reviews for the book and had wishlisted it. I began reading it as soon as we got home, but was sorely disappointed. It is a dark comedy, but I am finding nothing comic in it. The characters evoke pity more than humour, and I don’t get the history that is an integral part of the book.

~ I pestered the OH into getting me two sarees. The OH bought me two sarees for Diwali. I loved the process of choosing the sarees – looking at the various options on offer, comparing and contrasting, the trials and the final selections, and the walking out of the store with the precious bags in hand. It has been a long time since I bought clothes for myself, and so this was a welcome change. Both of us had loads of fun.



For Visha and Zinta, here are photos of the sarees:


~ It took me less than an hour to choose the sarees, but I took my own sweet time choosing the book I wanted. I roamed around the store for 2.5 hours, picking up this and that, rejecting one book after the other, till I reached the one I wanted. It didn’t feel like 2.5 hours had passed, to me, but the OH has a different story to tell. 😀

~ Over the festival season, I have gotten so much used to wearing flowers in my hair that I now feel bereft when I am not wearing them! I don’t think they are uncool, never thought so. Earlier, I just used to find it very cumbersome wearing them. I am fine with them now, and love the way they make my hair smell. No chemicals, no harshness, just soft flowers and beautifully scented hair.

~ A pretty little Matryoshka doll was added to our showcase on the day of Diwali. I picked it up from a street-side vendor in Malleshwaram market, much to my mother’s amusement. It is a brilliant orange, and I love it. 🙂

~ While at the Malleshwaram market, I also picked up some scented turmeric powder. I use it occasionally during baths, and am LOVING its scent and the way it makes my skin feel. I am taking the whole ‘returning to your roots’ thing too seriously, eh?

~ The OH and I spent some time with the nephews bursting crackers. It was fun to see the little brats scampering around, choosing which cracker to light first and which later. A lot of pollution, yes, but it was lovely to see the smiles on their faces.

~ The OH and I are not big fans of crackers, and have celebrated silent and smoke-less Diwalis since years. This year, too, we just lit terra-cotta diyas all over the house and admired the way it all looked.

~ Danone has introduced Mishti Doi, did you know? I had never had the Bengali delicacy before, but had heard loads about it. I picked up a packet while grocery shopping the other day, and LOVED it. I don’t know if it is the original stuff or not, but it sure tastes great!

~ I saw Bhapa Doi being made on a cookery show on TV yesterday, and have been craving for it ever since. Gah! Not a great thing for my tummy which threatens to bulge out at the slightest hint of a calorie-filled dessert like that, but the palate wants it. What do I do now?

~ We visited the Vishwa Shanti Ashram and the Goravanahalli temple near Bangalore last weekend, with the mater, the MIL and a friend of the MIL. I enjoyed the outing more than I had thought I would, and took some wonderful pictures (post, hopefully, coming up soon!).  I realised, yet again, that there is SO MUCH to explore in my own city, if I only get around to it.

~ We went to the International Krishi Mela in the GKVK campus last weekend, too. Thanks to the huge crowds, we did not manage to really see anything, but I did get my hands on a packet of sunflower seeds that I had always wanted and had never been able to find. Wish me luck with them! We escaped to the plantation area in GKVK, far from the madding crowds, and had a lovely, peaceful time looking at different plants in different stages of growth. (Again, hope to do a post on that soon!)

That’s that for now, folks. Till next time!

25 thoughts on “Being random, all over again

  1. I’ve stopped wearing a saree here! don’t have any place to wear them to.. :-/
    Actually, there are – but, I dont think its worth the effort on my part..


  2. Whenever I am in Chennai, I make sure I have malli in my hair, here I do not feel too inclined, because the office ACs make the fragrances spread all over and most of my colleagues complain of headaches. But I do wear them here on all festivals and special occasions 🙂

    Saree shopping is always fun. Put up the pics na 🙂

    For me, Diwali is not Diwali without a box of sparklers and flowerpots. Nothing else 😀 😀


  3. ooooo! you got TWO sarees for awesome is that!

    Flowers in the hair is something I just cant do…RD and I had a major issue on the first night of our wedding (go laugh!) because he was busy removing the million blooms from my hair half the night !!! and then he was like yuck! your hair stinks of jasmine, imagine how romantic that is *rolls eyes*

    you sure had a wonderful holiday na 🙂


    1. @R’s Mom

      Holiday?! When?

      Arre, on our first wedding night, we had the same issue. 😀 There were zillions of pins, millions of decorations, tons of flowers and loads of spray in my hair. That I absolutely wouldn’t do again. I am okay with a small string of jasmine in my hair now and then. Earlier I wasn’t. 🙂


  4. I love your randomness ! Can understand the busy part 😛 What a fabulous Diwali you have had! Sounds just perfect 🙂
    I wish you luck with sunflowers. I have killed a few plants coz’ we go away on long weekends and nobody tends to it. I want to really have a garden (we have the space but manpower is lacking) and I really wish to do something soon.. hope to see a post in the future on your sunflowers! What joy it is to look at them.

    And 2 sarees?! Are wash. Now have fun browsing the catalogue for blouse styles 😛 Sad to know that book didn’t work out for you. The title seems so so interesting!


    1. @Kismitoffeebar

      I am looking forward to choose the blouse patterns for my sarees. 🙂

      Arre, a small container garden doesn’t take a lot of time to set up, really. It does need regular maintenance though.

      Sunflowers – ah, I LOVE them! Hope they grow well at our house. 🙂 The post about the mela – will do soon. We saw some giant sunflowers there.

      We had the same problem with our plants too – many died because there was no one to water them when we were away. Now that Amma is here, that problem is solved. Touchwood. My neighbour took over once when we were on holiday.

      Yeah, such a pity that the book didn’t work out for me. 😦 I was so desperate to read it, and it sounded so quirky and interesting!


  5. please post pictures of your saree! I have a saree question – what are the sarees from South India called that is white and had a golden border ? I am on a mission to collect all kinds of sarees this life time. 🙂


    1. @Zinta

      Will surely try to post pics. 🙂

      The white sarees with a golden border are called Kerala sarees, typically worn by the women of Kerala. Judging by the type of saree that I *think* you are asking about. They are available in both silk and cotton.

      Oh, I am on a similar mission, too. India has so much diversity that way – the sarees from each state are different. How is it in Nepal?

      You know what – we hardly know anything about Nepal! I mean the OH and I. It would be great if you could do a series of posts on the little things of everyday life in Nepal. Would love to read.


      1. Thank you for those pictures. I love the first one slightly more than the second one. I am going to ask my friend in Delhi to send me the kerala saree or will buy one when i hope to be in India in February. and thank you for inspiring me – i might start the ” (My) nepali way of life” posts this week. You are awesome!


      2. @Zinta

        Thank you so much for your kind words. I am glad I could inspire you. 🙂 Looking forward to read your posts on Nepal!

        Hope you get your hands on a Kerala saree soon.

        You’re going to be in India in February? Wow! Where will you be staying, and for how long? Any chance of us meeting up? If you are okay with it, of course!


  6. It’s been years since I bought a saree! I still struggle to drape one but I did get out my one and only saree here this Diwali and did a decent job with it! Love the silks and crepes you find in B’lore! Malleshwaram market, want to see it once, love the traditional colourful crowded market places!


    1. @Chattywren

      I drape sarees pretty well, since my college days. I loved them so much that I used to drape them at least once every few days, just for fun. 🙂

      I love the colours and the materials of sarees that you get in Bangalore and Chennai. 🙂


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