The one where we are random again

** It never takes me exactly two minutes to cook a packet of Maggi noodles. Yes, they are quick to cook, but they always take me more number of minutes to cook than two. The same with you?

** Well-made chaats never fail to perk me up, whatever be the time of day. Especially if they are home-made. And making paani poori at home for the family cheers me up like nothing else.

** I am so craving for a white kundan neckpiece and earrings, but don’t know where I can buy them in Bangalore without shelling out a bomb. The ones that I have seen cost something like Rs. 5000-6000, which I am so not prepared to pay at the moment. The ones that cost lesser than that are so hopeless in quality, I don’t feel like buying them. Please do let me know if you have any suggestions, will you?

** Remember I told you guys about trying to read e-books? Well, I am hating the experience. I am not at all cut out for e-books. They are such a pain to read, both physically and mentally. Gah!

** I am dying to try baking some bread at home. I have tried to do so a couple of times before, but have had pathetically bad experiences with the yeast. I have picked up a new brand of yeast now, and can’t wait to see how I fare with it.

** I want to make chocolate cake at home, too. I have never tried baking it before. Any recipes that you suggest? Simple ones, please!

** I am craving for a vacation – a holiday where we are far, far, far away from any semblance of our routine lives, where we just eat, sleep, watch TV, read, write and talk. Somewhere where there is a beach would be just perfect.

** It is Navratri, and I am missing the festive fervour in Ahmedabad like crazy. Listening to these garbas only intensifies the dull ache in my heart.

** I am reading Goodbye, Jimmy Choo by Annie Sanders at the moment. A girl needs chick-lit once in a while, you know? Good timepass so far, I would say.

** I am also reading Ernest Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast, and not liking it particularly. Sad.

** Why do people use the word ‘kool’, I wonder. It takes up just as much space as ‘cool’. Right? Okay, probably I need to get my head examined.

** A monkey has fallen in love with my kitchen, apparently. He/she enters the said room at random, at odd times during the day, and sneaks off things as the mood strikes. So far, several packets of bread, cakes, bananas, dates (that were specially brought from Dubai for the OH by a friend of his), and apples have been stolen. Nothing seems to keep him/her away, except keeping all the balcony doors and windows closed all day (and night) long. And that suffocates me to near-death. Hmpfh!

** The OH and I watched The Lunchbox the other day, and didn’t like it much. I know it has been touted as brilliant, that most people who have watched the movie have liked it, and that it is probably sacrilege to say that we didn’t like it, but we didn’t.

** Have you watched The Red Balloon? I beg you to watch it, if you haven’t already. It is sheer joy captured in frames, such a pleasure to watch!

** I want to go Durga Pooja pandal hopping. I so want to, but there seems to be an endless list of things occupying our time every single day of the week that there is thin chance of doing so.

** I am all in the mood for decking myself up with saree and jewellery and flowers and nail polish and what not, thanks to the festive season. I guess I will go ahead and just do it.

** I write so many posts in my head all day long, but fail miserably to do the same on the blog. Words fail me miserably when I try to write a proper post. All I’ve been managing of late are book reviews, travelogues and randomness. Sigh!

31 thoughts on “The one where we are random again

  1. Enjoyed the randomness.
    Can totally relate to writing posts in the head – sometimes lengthy ones but form e, I eithe get held up or become lazy as well. or do what I do best – procrastinate 😛
    Yeah e-books on computers/ laptops are not quite the experience. Kindle, as you have heard finds a staunch supporter in me. Nothing that beats books but Kindle brings a good experience 🙂

    I have never baked a bread – I have tried muffis and sponge cake, more like bundt in my small toaster-oven and the results weren’t great at all. The only pretty thing in my muffins turned out to be the paper cups 😦 But the kitchen smelt good 😛



  2. “I write so many posts in my head all day long, but fail miserably to do the same on the blog. Words fail me miserably when I try to write a proper post.” Hear hear! 😦

    Same has been the experience for me too with e-reading, TG. I bought an e-book a very highly rated one, I was sure that I would like it after reading the summary.. but the fact of the matter I didnt like it so much. And I have a strong feeling that if I had bought a paper book, I would have loved it. The story, per se, was very good, loved the writing style, but somehow the e-reading ruined the experience. I’ve downloaded another book just so I can get used to it..because this region has a dearth of good book stores and books.

    Lunchbox, same pinch again! Didnt like it as much as I had hope I would. Except for the performances, nothing really appealed to me.


  3. yes, it takes me more than 2 min to cook maggie. even i am waiting to buy a nice white kundan set.. prices are same here in vizag and chennai too.
    i think there are so many places to visit and relax in and around b’lore na.. but beach?? need to think then..
    be careful with monkeys yar.. they can be really dangerous..


    1. @Ashreyamom

      I do hope the monkey begins to find the contents of my kitchen less than enchanting. 😦

      Beach holiday… it doesn’t have to be around Bangalore. Can be anywhere. I said I just need one. 🙂


  4. Enjoyed your random post too TGND! Sometimes with blogging it just happens, one feels stuck in a rut of sorts, it will pass! Am missing Navratri festivities too! Off to listen to the garbas you’ve posted!


  5. Sending you a yummy choco recipe sent by Gigi , easy to make too 🙂
    Baking bread – do you add yeast to the dough directly? Here is what I do for 3-4 cups of flour – 1.5 to 2 cups of warm water, heating it in microwave for 40 sec works pefectly, add 1 tbsp yeast and 2 tbsp sugar, keep it covered for about an hour, it should have bubbled up quite well.
    Don’t knead the flour too hard, just about mixed , not too dry, it should resemble the pictures of brain that we normally get to see 🙂
    Keep it covered with a wet cloth for about 2 hours. Dust a surface with flour , beat the flour down flat with the palm of your hands, don’t knead it. Shape or keep it in the pan and cover it again with a damp cloth for another hour. Bake.

    try and let me know whether it works, else let me know, consider yourself invited for my next bread baking session 🙂


    1. @Bindu

      Thank you so much for the chocolate cake recipe. Will try it out. 🙂

      Will try out the method of bread baking that you suggest, too. I don’t add yeast directly to the dough. I think I added it to boiling water mixed with sugar, and it just didn’t bubble, so I added it to the flour immediately. Maybe I should have let it rest for a while, or maybe I heated the water too much. I don’t really remember. All I know is that the bread turned out hard as stone. 😦

      I would love to join you for a bread-baking session. We have some bookish matter to sort out, too. 😀


  6. You want a no-fail-easy-chocolate-cake recipe? Here you go -
    I am such a beginner in baking and I made this cake three times and believe me, it was so awesome that it was sold out in a day! 🙂

    Have been on a reading lull for the last few days! 😦 The kids have a vacation along with Golu hopping going on, which has put my reading powers to rest! Need to start with the books ASAP!


  7. Reading books online is a pain honestly…I tried and failed miserably…

    I WANT TO DO GARBA booohooohooooooo mereko bahut radvanu hoi che :(:(

    Its raining in Mumbai and I HATE IT!! 😦

    okay monday rant over..make that bread as well when we meet theek hai?


  8. I have the same issue with Maggie!! It NEVER cooks in 2 mins! Never!!! Not even in Micro wave!

    And bread is something that I have been wanting to bake since forever but too scared!

    You know I have been missing Ahmedabad since last 2 days!!! Navratri shuru hui and Ahmedabad ke din yaad aa jaate hain…not that I used to play garba but it was the festivity that I loved!!! Sigh!!!

    I love such random posts…there is so much to comment also but yaad hi nahin rehta!!!


    1. @Smita

      Come on! You have made rainbow cakes! Bread kya cheez hai tumhare liye?

      I know.. I never used to do the garba too, but I loved all the festivity in the air in Ahmedabad during Navratri. I so miss that. 😦


  9. If you try to read ebooks on your computer or tablet/mobiles, it will be difficult. LCD screens are not made for long-term reading. Buy the Amazon Kindle – there are so many good books available for free and there are so many deals. The eInk screen and the light-weight device is perfect for reading eBooks anywhere (even while lying down on bed) and Amazon has one of the largest collection of books, online. You can also convert ebooks from other sources (pdf, ePub, etc) into Kindle version using Calibre.


    1. @Destination Infinity

      I read e-books on my computer screen, and that is what makes it such a difficult process. I am aware that reading e-books on the Kindle is a whole new experience altogether. I have heard many great reviews for it, too. I will definitely think about buying one. Thank you so much for all those details. 🙂


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