On a hearty lunch of phulkas and gatte ki sabzi

‘Gatte ki sabzi’ has been much loved by both the OH and me, ever since we had it for the first time ever at Mast Kalandar. Uma’s post on making the sabzi at home a few months ago aroused in me the desire to try it out in my kitchen, too. Finally, that happened today. This recipe that Uma had pointed to was referred to, ingredients assembled, a yummylicious sabzi was prepared, much marvelling happened over the simplicity of the preparation, and a hearty lunch was made of the sabzi along with phulka rotis.

Take a look.

One more item crossed off from my culinary bucket list, happily at that. Yay!

One more dish that I suspect is going to be a regular at our house now onwards.

For those of you who are interested, I followed Priya’s recipe to the T, with the omission of amchoor powder, because I did not have it at home. My sabzi does not look as beautiful as hers does, but it did taste great!


27 thoughts on “On a hearty lunch of phulkas and gatte ki sabzi

  1. I have never eaten anything from the Rajasthani cuisine other than stuffed besan parathas, which one friend in college was pro in making them. Must try this recipe sometime 🙂


      1. Just like aloo parathas have the aloo masala stuffing, this paratha has a besan masala mix stuffing. It is not thick and quite crumbly..I will link up a good recipe of the same if I find one 🙂


  2. Oh, but that looks sooooo gooood.

    I’ve never seen Mango powder before, though. That’ll be a new one! My kids love mango, though, so I’m hopeful it will be eaten!


      1. @B

        Mango powder aka amchoor is to be added to this dish in a very small quantity. It will not make the dish taste mango-ey or overly sour. I am not sure if you are aware of the same.

        Amchoor is widely available in India.


      2. Okay – I didn’t check the quantities. Nevertheless, when I show the kids the mango powder going in it might make all the difference 😉

        I’m going to look in Little India. I’m sure I can find it somewhere if I keep my eyes open, maybe even closer to home.


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