The orange flowers of happiness

En route from Bangalore to Chikkamagalooru. Rows and rows and rows of marigold flowers, bordered by bluish mountains and topped by an overcast sky. Picture postcard perfect.

The driver was instructed to stop the vehicle immediately. Stepping down into the fields happened promptly. The OH and I and his family stood waist deep in marigolds, in different permutations and combinations, getting our photographs taken. Much fun and uproarious laughter ensued.

Rows and rows and rows of orange bounty. Rows and rows and rows of delight. Isn’t there something very special about marigold fields that fills the heart with delight at the very sight of them?

I shall always think of these orange balls of happiness whenever I need some cheer.

16 thoughts on “The orange flowers of happiness

  1. I have seen some marigold farms enroute to Chennai too. Love them, but we have never stopped to look at them closely. Your pic wants me to stop there next time. Very beautiful! πŸ™‚ Also reminds me of the various varieties of marigold plants we had at home, long back πŸ™‚


  2. I remember a farm next to our house in Baroda when I was a kid which has a billion blooms of marigold…the farmer would give bunches of them to Amma Appa for pooja…lovely lovely lovely


  3. Ofcourse, there is something! Lovely photos! πŸ™‚ There is something about rows of bright flowers..
    It reminded me of my trip to Hunsur with a cousin’s family when we got off at the paddy field and actually winnowed with the farmers there…. huge open spaces with so much beauty – fills your heart to the brim and makes you deliriously happy!


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