The Liebster award

I am both glad and humbled to receive the Liebster award for my blog, from Aditto. I am glad he thinks my blog is worthy of mention, worthy of reading. I am humbled because I think my blog posts are mostly the rambles of my mind as I go about making sense of life and the world around me. It is heartening to know that other people are finding solace, sense and fellowship in these ramblings.

Thank you for this, Aditto! πŸ™‚

Now, to receive this award, I need to state 11 facts about myself. Here goes:

1. I have been reading Sam’s Letters To Jennifer, a book that I picked up at the Daryagunj book market when I was in Delhi. I am sorry to say I haven’t been having a great time reading the book. 😦

2. I am totally in love with the side plaits that I have seen many Indian actresses sporting of late. I wish I could have the kind of hair that you need to do such a plait!

3. At the moment, I am craving for some proper North Indian subzi with roti, something that is not too oily or spicy, but tasty.

4. I made savoury muffins the other day. They didn’t taste all that great, but it sure was a joy to peek into the oven and see them rise!

5. I have been toying with the idea of trying out this lemon olive cake with lemon glaze. I hope I get to it soon!

6. I met a couple of blog friends over the last few days. It is always nice to see the face and hear the voice behind the words I have been reading!

7. I can’t wait for Saturday to come! Phew, it is so difficult getting back to work after a mid-week break. (We had a holiday yesterday for Janmasthami.)

8. I happened to listen to Zumi Zumi recently on the cellphone of one of the OH’s colleagues. The tune has been stuck in my head ever since!

9. I watched Chennai Express with the OH. A totally dumb movie, stereotypical to the core, but I still liked the comedy!

10. I tried Nestle’s Alpino chocolates recently. They are supposed to be competing against Ferrero Rocher, but I don’t think they are as good. They are not too bad, either.

11. I just finished reading Nicolas Barreau’s The Ingredients Of Love. I enjoyed reading the book, even though it is not the most perfect of stories.

I also need to answer 11 questions.

1. What is that one moment that defined you?
A. There are many such moments that made me realise what I am. Difficult to pinpoint one!

2. The best thing someone has ever said to you?
A. β€˜I am so glad you are my wife!’

3. If you weren’t doing what you you’re doing currently, what would see yourself as?
A. I would be a magazine writer or a freelance travel writer.

4. The best place you’ve travelled to, and the best memory associated to it.
A. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to some great places. I have good and not-so-good memories associated with every place I have ever visited. Difficult to choose one, but I’ll try. My first trip to Ooty with the OH after marriage was simply magical. I could just live in that moment forever.

5. How did you deal with your first heart break?
A. I realised that life had to go on, and that I was better off without a person who broke my heart. Later, I was thankful for it because it opened me to a much better, more passionate life.

6. What is the worst piece of advice you’ve given someone?
A. I have advised the OH to visit a lot of bad restaurants. Totally disappointing experiences, those! But then, you never know how something really is until you yourself try it out, right?

7. If you could choose your name, what would you call yourself?
A. I chose to call myself ‘The Girl Next Door’.

8. Have you ever done something stupid, and absolutely loved it? Temme about it.
A. Yes! On our recent trip to Chikkamagalooru, I developed a bad cold and cough, body ache and was on the verge of developing a fever. It was a bad idea to get into the freezing cold water of a waterfall that we had the pleasure of visiting there, but I did. It turned out to be an absolutely amazing experience!

9. What is the worst Youtube video of yours, that became a viral sensation among your friends?
A. I don’t have any Youtube videos.

10. Have you ever considered shaving your head, just for kicks? Would you?
A. I haven’t yet. I might, sometime. You never know.

11. Favorite way to waste time?
A. Random internet surfing, sitting in my balcony doing nothing.

I also need to pass on this award to 11 of my favourite bloggers, but I am going to skip that step. Most bloggers I read have received this award already, and it is incredibly difficult to choose a few favourites out of the blogs that I read frequently. Each one of them is special to me. So, if you are on my blogroll, consider yourself awarded!


15 thoughts on “The Liebster award

  1. I loved Alpinos. I love FR too, but liked these better. The thought of getting a message attached to the chocolate got me!

    Do try that lemon cake, even I am craving for one right now. Should bake something this weekend.

    Wow.. Spicy muffins? I am liking the sound of them.

    Well deserved award TGND πŸ™‚ Keep writing more!


  2. Congrats. The award is well deserved!
    Side plaits are my favorite too! And I have been trying it with my messy hair and still loving it. πŸ™‚
    I tried the alpino too! didnt like it half as much as FR. Not a big chocolate fan but I do love the hollowness in the FR, that you don’t like! We do love the exact opposite things in some cases, eh? πŸ™‚
    I so wish I could read even half as much as you do!!


    1. @Happy Feet

      Thank you! πŸ™‚

      Everyone can read a lot, if they want to, I believe. It is all about priorities, I guess. I do away with a lot of other stuff – like watching movies or TV – in order to curl up with a book. πŸ™‚


  3. I like those side plaits as well..

    Alpinos…woh kya hai?? (goes to search in google)

    Book not good eh? chalega chalega..once in a while its okay to read a book which is not very interesting πŸ™‚

    Blog awesome..why dont you write about that eh?


    1. @R’s Mom

      I have included a link to the video on Alpino in my post. Do see it.

      Yes, not-so-good books make you appreciate the good ones all the more, right?

      I will be writing about the meet-ups pretty soon. πŸ™‚


  4. Thank you!

    Alpinos are really good and I have started liking them more than their original counterparts! πŸ™‚
    I just like the fact that they are slightly more filling than the oh-so-empty from inside FRs!

    And yes, we should catch up next time I am in Bangalore or if you happen to visit Hyd!


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