Panta rhei

The first time I read the words ‘Panta rhei‘ was on the wall adjacent to the entrance to one of Fort Kochi’s most renowned cafes, the Kashi Art Cafe. I was fascinated by the words without understanding them, and looked them up on Google as soon as we reached our hotel. Post that, I have read – and thought – a lot about these words.

Panta rhei‘ is Greek for ‘Everything flows’, words attributed to Greek philosopher Heraclitus. The thought resonates with me a lot. I believe that everything does flow, only that you sometimes do not see the flow. Things are in motion, in flow, even when you think your life is at a standstill at the moment. Stuff is happening in the background, changing your life little by little, even when you feel like being on a treadmill – walking only to find yourself at the same place. By that principle, everything does pass, good as well as bad.

Of late, I have often had this feeling of running around in circles, coming back to the same place again and again without really achieving anything. Deeper introspection has, however, made me realise that it is not exactly the same place I come to over and over again. There are little changes. There is flow. Things are happening, maybe not at the speed at which I want them to, but they are happening all right. Stuff is moving.

Panta rhei. A good mantra to hold on to when you are feeling down in the dumps.

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