Delhi chronicles 1: An evening in Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat is such a lovely place, full of colour and energy, that I make it a point to visit whenever I am in Delhi. I did, this time around as well.

For the uninitiated, Dilli Haat is a permanent open-air arts-and-crafts exhibition and sale, featuring products from most states of India. You can find the specialities of most states here – from the Gujarati embroidered shawls and Orissi sarees to Kashmiri salwar kameezes and Hyderabadi pearls. The same goes for the food – you can find food from different corners of the country here.

I leave you with some images from a happy evening at Dilli Haat.

Hope you enjoyed the virtual tour! 🙂


28 thoughts on “Delhi chronicles 1: An evening in Dilli Haat

  1. That display of colourful chappals look like an art installation ! Love that photograph, TGND. I love to visit Dilli Haat whenever I’m in Delhi, but rarely buy anything as I find it so expensive !


  2. I loved my trip to Dillihaat too, so much color and some really good stuff on sale. I wasn’t sure whether or not to bargain but I was pleasantly surprised that when I tried my hand at it, I got some decent deals.

    The food though could have been better


    1. @Nishita

      Oh, I didn’t know you could bargain at Dilli Haat. I did find the prices marked up quite high, though!

      We have had minimal food at Dilli Haat, so can’t really judge, but whatever we have had so far has been good.


  3. I have been there numerous times but it is too expensive. The food is also not that good. They organize cultural programs there at times which are good.


  4. I love the place. I go there every single time I am in Delhi. And the food.. I think that is my fav. part. Food from different states all in one place. Perfect, I tell you 🙂


  5. I went there last time with a foreigner,..didnt buy anything because I found it really expensive! But I loved loved loved the display there…the guy with me liked so much of stuff that he ended up having a huge bag to take along all the stuff he bought 🙂

    loved your virtual tour 🙂


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