Hello from Dilli!

Sometimes, you choose a destination to travel to. Sometimes, the destination chooses you, and you end up travelling to it quite unexpectedly. It was the latter that happened to me, and that is how I found myself at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport last Saturday.

The OH has been in Delhi on work, and invited me to join him at least for a couple of days, at his office guesthouse. Things have been stressful for me at work, though, and I didn’t think I could manage another vacation so soon after the Kerala trip. However, just a day before I left for Delhi, things got sorted out, almost magically. Everything fell into place, and I could finally make the trip – much to my glee.

So, I am in Delhi for now, watching the capital in all its glory just before Independence Day. I love the place, its energy, the way history mingles effortlessly with modernity here. I love the food here, too, of course.

I am enjoying slow travel at its best now. For the first time ever on a holiday, I wake up with absolutely no plans for the day ahead. My itinerary forms as the day unfolds and the OH’s work pans out. On most days, I have gone to bed exhausted, my feet tired with all the walking they have had to do, but happy, again with no plans for the next day in mind. I am not ticking off places visited from a list. I am sightseeing, but in an extremely spontaneous fashion, coming to know of where I am going just a half-hour before we leave.

I can get used to this kind of life, you know? 🙂


26 thoughts on “Hello from Dilli!

  1. Wow! Don’t go out in the rains. Ok? And even if you go then keep something to eat with you. You might reach home in 2-3 days. 😛
    And don’t go in crowded places. Its Delhi and 15 August. Very deadly combination.
    I think you will enjoy the rest of it. 🙂


    1. @Amit

      I think we have already been to the most crowded of places, got drenched in the rain, eaten out at the most unhygienic of places and got bumped around in autos and trying to dodge vehicles while walking back to the guesthouse. I am hoping our bodies do not give up on us. 😐

      We are leaving tomorrow for Bangalore, and have been receiving calls from concerned relatives since afternoon. Hope we reach home safely.


  2. Wheeeeeee !! So so happy to read this post TGND 🙂 Have loads of fun. The book street happening ? Try and see if you can have maki roti n sarson ka saag as well 😉 look forward to knowing more about your adventures as they unfold. Stay safe 🙂


  3. Welcome to Delhi! You have come at the very right time, monsoons, festivals and Independence Day. Delhi is just the most colorful city from August to December with all the festivities and the residents being a mix from different parts of the country. Don’t miss out the Akshardham movie and fountain show. It’s just awesome. 🙂


  4. Wah! thats so wonderful…My Amma just went with Appa exactly in the same manner as you did with OH and pretty much had the same life in the hotel/sight seeing as you mentioned right now..she was there for a week in Dehradun and then agreed she was homesick :):) But hey, I told her she was crazy…doing nothing is so much better than having to do something…she didnt agree gah!

    Enjoy yourself


    1. @R’s Mom

      Oh yeah, nothing like having a home-like place to stay in a new city, with people (read colleagues) to take care of you. Comes with a cook and maid, too, so I don’t really have to lift a finger. It’s so cost-effective as against staying in a hotel, you know. The only thing is that I have to work out my plans as per the OH’s work schedule. Back home, I am always sitting on a time bomb, so it is quite relaxing to be this way. 🙂


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