Kerala diaries 6: Bits and pieces of quirk, a la Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi has a quirky side to it, as I was telling you in my last post. Everywhere you look, bits and pieces of quirk manifest themselves.

Here are some pictures of these touches, which I loved.

Woman with face covered, and with antlers (?) – a painting on a wall in Fort Kochi. I didn’t understand the painting, but I am convinced it has a deeper meaning.
A horse-shaped clothes hanger in the hotel we stayed in. Cute, no?
A window planter at Loafers Cafe. I LOVED the way it looked. I would love to try something like this at my house, too.
An art piece at Kashi Cafe. I liked the way it was done, though I felt it looked very sad.
I was not amused to see this big lock hanging on the doors of Teapot Cafe – I had come into Fort Kochi wanting to visit the cafe. I loved the quirkiness of the lock, though.
Ladles used as decorations at Oy’s Cafe
I loved the quaint signboard and the little bell, in place of a harsh doorbell, at the Bell House, a homestay.
I absolutely loved this old-fashioned brass ashtray at the hotel we stayed in, in Fort Kochi.


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20 thoughts on “Kerala diaries 6: Bits and pieces of quirk, a la Fort Kochi

  1. I think the piled up busts have a look of ‘why me’ about them. 😛 The brass ashtray i s my favourite, though I wish it were used for something other than an ashtray !


  2. Amazing amazing pictures TGND ! 🙂 Loved them all in all their quirkiness. I found the art piece at Kashi cafe sad too.. K and I are suckers for cafes and I never knew of this place so much. Thank you, thank you os much for showing us thsi side – is a must-visit on our list now! 🙂


  3. All beautiful pictures! Thanks to you for sharing this quirky side of Kochi – I have been there long long ago, but somehow my eyes failed to capture these. There’s always a next time 🙂


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