The mad scientist

“What are you working on now, mad scientist? “

“A car.”

“A car? When did you turn into a mechanic from a mad scientist?”

“You’ll know.”


“What a cute Ambassador!”

“You love those old cars, right?”

“Yep. Very much.”

“Go on! Sit in it, and feel it!”

“Can I?”

“Of course!”


“Wow! These seats are so comfortable! Plump, plump, plump. You can push them back and just relax. Forget about the world.”

“That was the intention.”



“Have you thought of putting in a TV? It would make this car so much….more cosy.”

“This car doesn’t need one.”



“Why are you going all mysterious on me?”

“You’ll know.”


“Can I open my eyes now?”

“Just two minutes more, please. Hold on!”

“Okay, but why don’t you tell me what the big surprise is?”

“You’ll see. Very soon.”


“That looks just like Turkey, from the coffee table book I have!”

“It is Turkey.”

“Eh? Gone crazy or what, mad scientist?”

“No, I haven’t. And, yes, this is Turkey. An isolated, very pretty part of Turkey, that is.”

“Kid me not. You can’t drive to Turkey from India, that too in just 15 minutes.”

“Yes, but you can fly.”

“What? Now I’m sure you’ve lost your marbles.”

“Put your head out the window and you’ll know.”

“Woah! Why are there so many gas balloons on top of the car?”

“They helped us fly here.”

“In a battered old Ambassador car?”


“They cannot.”

“They just did.”


“I can’t believe this, mad scientist.”

“At least now, you should.”

“Yes, now that I have checked with my own eyes.”

“Liked it?”

“LOVED it. How can I not? Turkey was a dream for so long!”

“Worth the effort then!”


“I can’t believe you just proposed to me in Turkey, mad scientist.”

“Well, I did. And you said yes.”

“I still can’t believe it.”

“That was the plan.”


“I can already see tomorrow’s headlines, mad scientist. Mad scientist takes fiancée to Turkey in magic car.”

“When will you stop calling me ‘mad scientist’?”

“I can’t. That’s what I have always called you, since the day I saw you hunched over those test tubes in your lab, your hair all over your face, looking super cute.”

“Yada yada yada.”

“Can I call you ‘cute mad scientist’ instead?


This entry is for the prompt at Magpie Tales for the week.

I wrote this story in a sudden burst of inspiration yesterday, and I am not sure if it makes sense to everyone the way it did to me. Plus, it has been a long, long, long time since I wrote any fiction. Do let me know how you find it! I would love your honest opinions.


47 thoughts on “The mad scientist

  1. It reminded me of Up, the movie! 🙂 🙂
    Loved the desktop wallpaper you have.

    I owe you a call I promised. Will call you today!! 🙂


  2. It is so good of you to call attention to the fact that many mad scientists are actually hopeless romantics. For they seldom get enough credit for stuff like that while all it takes is for one experiment to go horribly wrong to incite the villagers to grab their pitchforks and torches and take to the streets.


    1. @Sia

      Thank you!

      Well, the wallpaper on my computer screen is this week’s prompt on Magpie Tales. I usually make the week’s prompt my computer wallpaper, so that I keep seeing it every now and then, and get inspired to write. 🙂


  3. Okay dont laugh, but the mad scientist and the girl he loves reminds me of my Amma and Appa…he would do such a thing for Amma, and Amma would call him mad :):) and oh! incidently, Appa is a scientist too 🙂

    Loved it TGND, think of doing a book on short stories??


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