Day 29: Spooked out in Matheran

We visited Matheran a couple of years back. The OH and I conjured up so many ghost stories in Matheran just before we left on our trip, and we spooked each other silly. We had not read up much about Matheran, and were all the more spooked to find out that Matheran, in the mist and gloom of winter, looked exactly like we had thought it would in our ghost stories.

To top it all, we ‘discovered’ a school called Saraswati Vidya Mandir on one of our evening walks there, just the kind of school that you would come across in a remote hill station in an old Hindi movie. You know the types, right? There seemed to be no one around, and so we decided to enter, holding hands, our hearts thudding so loud you could hear them in the eerie silence. What’s not eerie about an abandoned school on a hill station, surrounded by fog?

This was the view that greeted us as soon as we stepped in.

I would have died there and then had a bell clanged, had a young lad peeped out from the window of a disused classroom, or had an ancient headmaster wearing a dhoti come to have a closer look at us, with a kerosene lantern held at eye level. Thankfully, none of this happened. Both of us lived to take some gorgeous pictures of the views, and to tell you people the tale today.


For the July Photo-a-Day Challenge. The theme for today is ‘perspective‘.

16 thoughts on “Day 29: Spooked out in Matheran

  1. It looks the perfect setting for a spooky in hostel in Mumbai, a friend was telling all kinds of spooky stories during the wee hours in the of the days, one of them will find its place here..gud mnin:)


  2. Hehehe 😀 Reminds me of our trip to Coorg where we stayed in a spooky homestay. We were scaring ourselves by telling ghost stories and all of a sudden power goes off and there is no backup. In the next minute, there is a loud “dhak-dhak-dhak” sound from the door! None of us wanted to go open the door. All three men (S with his two friends) went to the door after sometime, there the owner was standing with a gasoline lamp with a polythene cover on his head. LOL 😀

    Loved the picture!


      1. Hehe I forgot to mention, it was raining heavily. Power was out. We were in pitch darkness. Poor guy wanted to help us by bringing the gasoline lamp. When we saw him, we could only see a part of him.. and even when he raised the lamp, it was spooky enough. 😀 😀 We all seldom slept that night 😛


  3. He he he he…. Err. Brrrrr. I can imagine how it must have been! In my case, I wouldn’t scare anyone. I plan to scare someone and end up getting scared myself. But that photo looks beautiful,so unlike anything spooky!


    1. @Kismi

      Errr… We didn’t really want to scare each other. We just started conjuring up stories set in Matheran, and ended up scaring each other out of our wits.

      Thank you! 🙂 Matheran is extremely beautiful. I guess we just spooked each other out a bit too much. 😀


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